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Do You Use an Editorial Calendar?

editorial calendarI realized after a holiday that I need my own editorial calendar! I mean for the writing I do  for myself, not for clients.

Here’s what happened:

I was a total slug for the 4th of July holiday. (Apologies to those slow but rather amazing beings.) Since I usually write on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the fact that the holiday came on Wednesday simply contributed to my inattention to detail.

It wasn’t until I read Paula Hendrickson’s blog, Happy Independence Day! that I remembered I used to do something similar.

Using Google’s site search tool, [topic] site: [website url] I found that indeed I had, but not nearly as often as I thought. In fact I only found two pages, one in 2009 called The Declaration of Independence and another in 2011 called It’s America’s Birthday.

Occasionally I like to remind writers just how powerful the right words can be; our (United States) Declaration of Independence is a fine example. I also like to remind people about that document and what it says about our value system – and that may be even more important today in 2017 than it was before.

Boomer brain?

But on this holiday it never crossed my mind! It may be a case of what Cathy Miller calls ‘boomer brain.’ On the other hand, I say hopefully, it may be a result of getting more organized. I’ve come to depend on the idea that I need to write everything down in order to get it done. Writing stuff down not only encourages getting more done, it turns out those things that are written down tend to surface in our minds less frequently, distracting us form what we’re trying to do. 

Could it be that I’ve added something to that formula that results in my not remembering stuff I haven’t written down?

Who knows. There’s stuff I like about getting older, and stuff I don’t.

An editorial calendar of my own

I’m used to working with the editorial calendars of my writing clients. At least that’s how I assume they can give me a deadline for a project.

Over at AllIndieWriers.com Jenn offers has a no-cost editorial calendar available for downloading. It’s created with Excel and lets her track blog writing, social media and even ideas. Because it’s in Excel it’s easy to tweak for your own use.

I’ve taken a different approach, although I do have an idea how I can also use hers. I’m plugging the dates of articles I don’t want to forget in Todoist. I just scheduled the Declaration for next year’s 4th of July, and realized I could also have tagged it for ‘every’ 4th of July. Actually, I called for every July 3 since it would be great to get it up before the holiday.

The takeaway? Why not set up an editorial calendar for yourself and your own writing? It should make your writing life easier and more profitable.

What kind of editorial calendar do you use? If you don’t use one, why not?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer



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    • You and anyone actually, are welcome to post quotes from this blog provided you don’t alter them and you link back to this site.

  • very nice post i always use editorial calendar to make a perfect time table for all my daily works and stick to my tough routine

  • After read your blog, For sure i will use Editorial Calendar.

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  • I use Airtable (I just discovered it) and Todoist. IFTTT allows me to send things I add to my posts to write spreadsheet to Todoist and create a task. It makes it pretty handy 😉

  • Thanks for the link love, Anne. Perhaps this is just what a boomer brain needs. 😉 I admit I am rather hit-and-miss when it comes to editorial calendars. I mostly use them then trail off when I am going through yet another distraction phase.

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