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If It Worked to Land a Freelance Job Today, It Won’t Tomorrow – Change is Constant

land a freelance writing jobIf you’ve discovered a way to land a freelance writing job today, that method probably won’t again tomorrow. While a leopard can’t change its spots, the freelance writing job market is always changing.

Oh sure, it usually doesn’t change overnight, not quite.

Successful freelance writers learn to expect change. They pay attention to indicators , ask questions about what’s going on, and change their approach to how they land a freelance writing , aka, job hunting in order to meet the new conditions.

Indicators of change

When I look back on my writing career I see that I’ve been pretty good about adjusting to changes in the market. Like many of my age, I got my first typewriter, a portable manual, as a gift from my parents when I went off to college. I moved to an electric when I got an office job. I bought an old electric when I started. Back then we used rubber erasers to fix typos, then some genius invented White-out – a liquid we’d paint over errors then retype over that. You can’t imagine the time it took and the mess it made! Then came the self-correcting Selectric . And I was an early adopter of the personal computer – several years before they started to get popular.

Notice, please, that every move I made was toward making my life easier. I was also gifted with curiosity and a certain nerdy love of technology.

Cultivate your curiosity. Pay attention to trends. Not every trend twitch, but stay current enough to notice what’s going on in the freelance writing job industry. Look for articles about writing that give you a clue like Evolution of the Freelance Writing  Industry.

Think about what you’re doing to land a freelance writing job

Notice what you’re doing to land a freelance writing job. Is it working? Are you able to consistently generate the kind of writing gigs you want and meet your income goals? If so, great, continue on. But if you notice either the pay or the gigs or both are starting to get harder to find and land, don’t blame the competition or technology or your mother-in-law, figure out what you need to change.

Chances are you’ve not only created a rut (which my father used to say was a grave with both ends licked out) you’ve missed some change in the market. Ask yourself what’s really going on. Check with other writers. If you’re not already a member of a writing forum, join one. Read some business news or technology news or both.

Try something different

Has it occurred to you to submit queries to print magazines, particularly the trades? Or maybe you need to find a way to change your niche if you have one, or find one if you don’t. Do you have a secret dream about something you’d like to write? Give it a shot. If you always write at night, try writing in the morning. You get the idea; shaking things up often opens things up, including finding freelance writing jobs.

Whatever you do, accept, even embrace change. You might as well – it’s going to happen no matter what.

What’s changed since you started writing?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • It’s hard to be freelancer, but it’s worth it 🙂

  • “Whatever you do, accept, even embrace change. You might as well – it’s going to happen no matter what.” This quote is amazing and really works well for this article Anne.

    Some of the greatest writers are the ones that can and are willing to adapt to the changing world around them.

    These are people that have the courage to step into new territory with their chin up, with an excitedness — a passion to grow!

    But YES Anne! There’s no better advice for somebody uncertain about change (it doesn’t even have to be related to content, it can be ANYTHING at all!) than to look toward the future with their chin up! After all, since it’s happening regardless of what you do, you really may as well go into it on your own terms!

    • I don’t know who said it first, but it seems to be true. Change is the only constant.

    • 😉 I don’t know who said it first, but it’s true. Change is the only constant.

  • Hi,

    Yeah its true, you always need to upgrade.

    I am working as a freelancer but the work I am doing today is completely different from yesterday and will be different in tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing very nice article.


  • This reminds me of two big events in writing past. First when the content mills were all the rage and everyone was into little how-to ideas. Then came Google, and a huge burp happened.

    Another change has been the use of SEO and keywords. At one time they had a certain method of use. Lately it’s been nothing like it was (short words, short articles, written mainly for search terms); now, we’re into key phrases, articles over 1000 words, and the information provided has finally started to filter into the work.

    Another thing was the affiliate marketing of yesterday was all about long form SELL SELL pages. Today it’s more product reviews, shorter pieces, and you best know the topic.

    Diversification was a big thing too. Now it’s more niche and I think that’s where I fell down, and fell behind somewhat. But I’m not out yet.

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