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Freelance Writing Makes Equal Pay for Women Possible

equal pay for womenWe haven’t stopped talking about the lack of equal pay for women in our forum. Mostly we’ve expressed surprise that so much discrimination still exists, and sadness too.

What’s coming clear to me is women can level that pay playing field with a well-run freelance writing business. As an almost life-long freelancer I’ve vaguely recognized that I had avoided almost all the gender related pay problems.

I actually have no idea if I’ve ever been discriminated against as a woman writer. I’ve not been aware of it if I have. I know other women writers who have had a whole different experience than I have – perhaps I’m naive.

Freelance writers determine their own income

Every gender gets to determine their freelance writing income. Equal pay for women or for everyone is really, a matter of recognizing our worth and learning to negotiate. We get to set the price for our writing.

If you feel you need to disguise your gender or make up a name that sounds masculine, so be it. Here in the United States we’re still free to do that as long as they pseudonym isn’t used for illegal purposes. (CYA note – I’m not a lawyer…)

Oh sure, it can make you feel more certain about what your charge when you check the ‘going rate.’ But the real definition of a fair price for anything, including writing, is a willing seller – that’s you – and a willing buyer.

Marketing is often the key to equal pay for women

Market your way toward equal pay. Will you have to market your writing more or differently then men? Maybe, but since you’re freelancing you get to decide how much of your time you devote to writing, and to marketing as well as to the rest of your life.

As you learn to ask for referrals and testimonials, and get your website built showing your skills off, you will find over time, work often comes to you.

What do you think – are we freelance writers more apt to experience equal pay for women?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • Freelance work has provided me with an opportunity to work for a fair, equal wage, where I had no other real opportunities.
    I’ve struggled with a gender-specific chronic illness my entire adult life and have seriously struggled to find full-time, gainful employment in the more traditional brick-and-mortar work industry. This is predominantly because I am hospitalized between 6-12 times each year; sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a couple of weeks.
    Developing my freelance writing career has opened up a whole new world of potential for me. Even when I am ill, I can still work. Even from a hospital bed if necessary!

    • Ashley, I have migraines and eventually got grateful for them because I can’t sustain a regular job… no manager will put up with that many day’s off.

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