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Lost Projects, Todoist, and Tech Problems

lost projectsHave you ever realized you have a few lost projects?

Last year(!) I set out to edit, and revise my ebook, How To Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal That Sells, Yes, I went all the way through it, including updating links and snippets of information about over 200 book publishers. I even created a small marketing campaign and had several people ask to be notified when the book was available. And I updated the cover.

Somehow the project got lost – the book was done, and even some marketing, but I never took it the final steps so you and others could buy it.

I discovered this when last week I wanted to end my newsletter pointing to an ebook. When I went to the directory I saw that I was still showing this book as in the process of being updated. I chose another offering and the next day dug into my files to figure out what had happened.

I’m not good at follow through

I learned earlier this year that I’m not good at some follow through. I get my client’s work done with little problem. My own projects, not so much.

After realizing I’d blown it on this one, I started poking around and I have several more, potentially money making projects of my own that are now officially lost projects.

Apparently I’m not the only one with lost projects

I asked several writers how they avoided lost projects – making clear I meant my own projects. Without exception there was a long pause. All but one admitted they had had the same experience and hadn’t really solved it. The other keeps a list of everything, roughly forever, in Google Docs.

I’ve tried various versions of that approach, usually in Word, and it doesn’t work for me. The lists get too long and I stop paying attention to them.

A new approach

I’ve been using Todoist for quite awhile. A life coach showed me I can enter a project, like the book proposal book, and schedule a reminder several days, weeks or even months in advance.

Now each of these lost projects of mine has an entry there, tagged so I’ll be reminded of them at least once a week. My thought is I’ll keep up the reminders until I’ve either completed the project or dumped it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will keep my lost projects to a minimum.

About that book proposal book

This is where I ran into the tech problem. It turns out that since my last WordPress update, saving pages is a real hit an miss proposition. I use the Thesis 1 theme; it needs updating, but this site has something like 1700 pages. I’m afraid of updating it by myself. So the ebooks page is missing until I either find a tech I can trust or I can figure out something else.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells right here.

Does any of this make sense to you? Or not? Comments welcome, suggestions too.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer

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  • Hi Anne,

    ToDoist indeed is a great tool for improving productivity. I have used it in the past but not using any at the moment. I guess I have trained myself now 😀

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