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8 Ways Freelance Writers Can Use Testimonials to Get More Clients

use testimonials We talked about getting testimonials. Now we need to talk about how to use testimonials.

If you feel a bit uneasy about asking for and using testimonials, you’re not alone. It can seem pushy and feel like bragging.

Before you decide not to use testimonials, consider this: People need and want reassurance when they’re considering hiring you to write for them – testimonials provide that comfort.

Remember too, that people do love to help, including your clients. Giving them the opportunity to do a testimonial for you is showing them how they can help you.

You know how you feel when someone helps you, right? You’re giving your client the opportunity to feel the same way.

Here are eight ways you can use testimonials to get more clients:

A web page on your pro site – linked as a menu item

Create a page or even two of testimonials for your pro website. Make sure they are easy to find – probably with a testimonial link in your main menu.

Use testimonials on the border of your site

You can use testimonials on the border of your site so it appears next to everything. Put a ‘more’ link to your testimonial page.

Front and center of your ‘hire me’ page

If you have a ‘hire me’ page, put a testimonial front and center and add a link to your testimonial page.

Use a short one on your email signature

Add a short testimonial or an excerpt on your email signature. Change it up every month or so to keep it fresh.

Create a page of them you can email along with your resumes/credits

Put together a page of testimonials that you can email along with your writing resume or credits. Remember, you’re providing information that will reassure the prospective client.


Use testimonials on your business card

Use the back of your business card for a couple of testimonials. Make sure the print is big enough to be easy to read and remember you can excerpt them to make them shorter.

Put several in your LinkedIn summary or experience sections

LinkedIn really would rather you get recommendations or testimonials from other LinkedIn members – endorsements like that are fairly easy. You can, however, add a testimonial quote in your summary and/or experience sections.

Use testimonials on your Facebook page

When you get a testimonial, you can put it on your page and link to your website.

Yes, all of this is self-promotion – a tooting of your own horn. It’s also called marketing. And if you don’t let the world know you’re a good writer who will?

How do you use testimonials? 

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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  • its really great information Mark thanks for sharing .

  • The blog is informative and I got it at right time.Thanks a lot Anne 🙂
    Anuradha Chawla recently posted..4 Real Blog Success Metrics You need to TrackMy Profile

  • Hi Anne!

    Most of my business now revolves around teaching small business owners (and solopreneurs like freelancers) the importance of cultivating testimonials from their clients and then using those testimonials in their marketing efforts.

    In addition to the methods you’ve outlined in your post, I would go one step farther. Identify the “raving fans” among the clients that have written a testimonial. Reach out to those folks and ask if they could leave that as a “review” on your Facebook or Google+ business page. I can’t explain it, but surveys from Nielsen and Yelp (in conjunction with UC Berkeley) show that online reviews are by far the most trusted source for information when people are making buying decisions – far ahead of every other kind of advertising.

    It takes some effort to get those five or ten 5-Star reviews, but it’s worth it. Having that collection of stellar reviews makes it easier to close deals. And when (not if) that problem client decides to leave a nastygram on your Facebook page, you’ve got a little buffer built up to offset it.

    I’m happy to talk to anyone about how to build the process to have that steady stream of 5-Star reviews coming in.


    • Mark, that’s great information… I had no idea online reviews rated that high… you know what I’m going to do this week… 😉

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