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5 Tips to Make Calling Referrals Successful for Freelance Writers

calling referralsCalling referrals is almost easier than asking for them. These five steps will help you make the best possible use of the referrals as you get them.

Remember, some people are able to build their whole writing career on referrals.

Thank the person who gave you the referral

Undoubtedly you thanked the person who gave you the referral when they did.

It’s a good idea to go the extra step and also send thanks with an email or an ecard. (I like the free cards at Care2.com. They support environmental causes and encourage artists.) You might even consider a snail mail card. Some people will give you additional referrals even if they don’t hire you to do more writing.

Enter contact information into your database of clients

Record the contact information of each referral, who referred them and any other pertinent information. I use Capsule CRM which is free for a good number of contacts, easy to learn and has good customer support. Other people use spreadsheets, either on their desktop or on Google sheets.

However you do it you want a way to track your clients and potential clients.

Schedule a time on your calendar for calling referrals

I find if I actually schedule a time to make these calls it works better; when the call is in my calendar, with the person’s name and their phone number I’m much more likely to actually make the call. I tend to call in the late morning or early afternoon because the earlier hours are my prime writing time. Figure out what works best for you.

Create a script

Telephone scripts make your life easier – you know what to say when the person you were referred to picks up the phone. While calling referrals isn’t really a cold call because you’ll name the person who referred you, it’s close. My script for calling referrals looks something like this:

Hi [name], my name is Anne Wayman; I got your name from [name of the person who referred you]. Do you have a moment to talk now?

Assuming they say yes, I proceed: I recently did some writing for [name of the person who referred you] and she thought you might be able to use a writer too. That’s why I’m calling… so we can explore how I might be of service to you. Does that make sense to you. I then wait for their comment and the call proceeds with a discussion.

If they say no, I say, great. Are mornings or afternoons better for you for a 10 minute call? I wait for a response. If they want to know more about why I’m calling, I use the intro script above. If they say mornings, I ask if tomorrow or the next business day would be good… we go from there.

The script is really just to help you get started. You may want to make a short list of your credits. If they ask for email, I say I’ll email, and then ask if I can call them in two days, or next week. Sometimes I’ll just tell them about when I’m going to call back. I’m always reaching easily for the appointment.

Make the call and record the response you get

I make notes as we’re talking in the CRM or spreadsheet. My notes are cryptic and I often take a few moments once the call is finished to be sure I know what was said and what I need to do next and that I. I make sure any appointment I set shows up on my calendar.

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How does this match your experience with calling referrals?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer

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