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How Freelance Writers Can Heal the World!

heal the worldI’ve been thinking about how freelance writers can heal the world.

Yesterday my executive  asked if I’d rather help or heal. The distinction isn’t always obvious.

The classic story about the difference between giving a person a fish and teaching them to fish hints at the difference between helping and healing. What’s often overlooked, however, is the person might need help just getting enough to eat before they can heal.

When I started AboutFreelanceWriting.com some 12 (!) years ago,  my goal was to ‘help freelance writers earn more money.’ I suspect I’ve succeeded in many ways.

I’ve also unknowingly helped people heal. Posts like:

How Freelance Writers Can Choose Self-Confidence and Lacking Self-Confidence To Market Your Writing? Do It Anyway and 1 Powerful Way Writers (& Others) Can Improve Their Self-Worth & Make More Money point in the direction of healing.

What do I mean by ‘healing’?

SwanWaters has a poster on Pinterest that pretty much describes the journey. It says, “I thought I was broken and needed fixing. Not true! I was hurt and needed healing.”

My healing as far as writing goes came when I recognized not everyone can write well. Up until that moment I thought everyone could write and just didn’t want to. Somehow I can, at least I can write non-fiction.It feels like a gift and I’ve been a pretty good steward of it. I have other examples as I’m sure you do.

What are we healing from? Well there are all sorts of theories, which generally come down to emotional, psychic, and spiritual injuries we suffered as children that didn’t get healed when they happened. The result is we drag them with us into adulthood where we’re given the opportunity to heal, sometimes over and over again until we get it. If you look back on the helpful realizations you’ve had about yourself you’ll  understand what I mean.

Which isn’t to say helping should be avoided. Posts like The 10 Keys to Successful Magazine Queries any many others here give new writers information they need. If, however, that information is somehow combined with healing the knowledge doesn’t do much good.

Heal the world in at least two ways

One way those of us who are comfortable writing can heal is to journal – to write about our feelings as a way to find out what’s real and what isn’t. There seems to be some magic in writing our feelings out on paper or on the screen.

Writers can also write for the world about how they healed. This means two things for me – writing so the world can be healed, or writing to heal the world is the primary. The other side is not to write about things that aren’t healing, even if it costs me money.

Both of these are highly personal decisions and not to be made lightly. I’d love to hear from you – does this make sense to you?

Write well and often,




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