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Paid Writing Gigs Are Everywhere

paid writing gigsWhat did you do when you got up this morning? Did you read some news? Check on instructions for using your new coffee maker? Look at the words on that carton of eggs? How many of the emails you either read or didn’t were from companies or other organizations?

I’ll bet you see where I’m going.

Yes, every printed word, online or off, was written by someone. Many of those someones were writing because they had a paid writing gig.

Some of those paid writing gigs were paid poorly, some were paid well. And a surprising number of those writing were working as freelance writers.

Learn to think differently about paid writing gigs

You’ll do yourself a favor if you get in the habit of noticing all the writing around you and realizing that many of them were paid writing gigs. If you get in the habit of seeing opportunities you’ll discover there are far more than you thought.

As you see more opportunities you’re much more likely to see the kind of writing gigs you’d actually like to do and would excel at. Or, maybe even better, you’ll see areas you’d like to learn about, and discover that one of the best ways to learn is to write about it – even better when you’re paid.

Learn to think differently about your writing skills

As you teach yourself to see more writing opportunities, you can also think about how the writing experience you have matches or comes close to matching what you’re seeing. The truth is, if you’re willing to stretch and research, there are many more fields you can write in than you have time for.

Some examples from my own career:

  • Copy writing for my father’s real estate business has let me copy write for many businesses. From there I’ve written about real estate, how to sell real estate and for high end remodels and additions.
  • Writing about drug and alcohol recovery has let me write in that field, and in the self-help field and in psychology.
  • Buddhism has let me write about recovery, the environment and business from a Buddhist perspective.
  • Figuring out how to work with a computer led to writing about software and hardware.
  • Running led me to… well you get the idea.

A truth for freelancers is everything we do, yes, everything, can be turned into income if we find the write market to write for. It’s mostly getting in the habit of recognizing how wide our skill set actually is.

Say ‘yes’ often

Say yes to ideas, say yes to possibilities. Reach out into areas you haven’t before – send an email, a snail mail, or pick up the phone and ask how you can help them with your writing skills.

You don’t have to wait for a job to be posted, or match what they think their requirements are exactly. Just show them you can solve their problem and you’ll probably end up with one or more paid writing gigs.

Make sense?

Want to talk writing and/or marketing with me? Answer “Some very interesting questions”  and I’ll call you with the results. No cost at all, I promise. We’ll chat a bit – it will be fun and valuable for both of us.

Write well and often,


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  • Hi, Anne,
    I definitely agree with the fact that a freelance writer has to look around for versatile opportunities. And it doesn’t really matter what exactly you are writing about. What matters a lot here is that each article, regardless of its topic, should be valuable for a reader. This means that a professional freelance writer has to understand what he/she is writing about. This especially concerns niche articles, which have to focus on a particular subject.
    Howard Steele recently posted..Site123.com ReviewMy Profile

  • Hi Anne,

    One thing I know is that ‘ If the eyes is focused and remain dedicated, it will see the nose”.

    I align myself with your argument that as a freelance writer, it is professional to always say yes often and to always look around for the massive opportunities that surround us.

    Honestly, I never knew anything about WordPress, not until when I picked up an interest in blogging.

    In summary, anything is possible if you only believe and remain optimistic.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Johnson recently posted..How To Start An Entertainment Blog And website like Eonline, TMZ, IMDB, Variety e.t.cMy Profile

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