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Yes, Freelance Writing is My Business – Writing is My Product!

writing is my productWriting is my product and it’s yours too.

Oh sure, freelance writing is a creative, even artistic endeavor; it’s also a service. And it’s also my business.

When I’m thinking about marketing or building my business or setting and raising my fees,etc., it helps me to recognize the product I sell is my writing. Somehow that helps move me toward doing a better job with the business site.

This came up because I’m participating in a series of MasterMind calls with other business people. Many of them have hard, tangible products. At first I thought I didn’t fit, then I realized our problems were much the same, and so are the solutions.

Why writing is my product

There are all sorts of ways to see that writing is my product, including:

Client gets something tangible – as tangible as a doughnut.

  • My writing is custom-made for the client – like a wedding cake maybe, or a spectacular glass conservatory.
  • I’m always striving to improve my writing – like a chef does with her food or a craftsman with his tools.
  • I’m always looking to find more clients so I can sell more product and net more profit.
  • I also consider raising my fees. Note that either more business or higher fees will increase my income.
  • Like any product, my writing must be marketed – if I don’t market my product no one will know I’m here and they will lose the benefit of my skills.
  • The business of writing requires business stuff, like computers, bookkeeping, promotion, an office, marketing – etc.

Why does this matter to me?

As many of you know I’ve been in the writing game roughly forever. I’ve been blogging about it almost that long. I’ve changed as the game has changed. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have people help me.

Recently, in those MasterMind calls I’ve been challenged to think differently about my business. Recognizing that writing is my product, or one of them – I also coach writers and ghostwrite books (ghosting books is almost a different product) – is a different way for me to think about my business. When we begin to think differently about anything, we respond and react differently, and in many cases that switch opens up a whole new cascade of ideas – both to write about and to do.

I’m learning to do a better job, not perfect, but better at following through. I’m developing additional and new sources of income – and some of my writing is taking a different tack.

I like the results I’m getting.

What about you – do you think of your writing as your product? Let’s talk about it in comments.

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Write well and often,


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  • Hey ANNE,
    You said 100% right that ” freelance writing is a creative, even artistic endeavor; it’s also a service.” and it is also my service.
    Believe me; I never had any interest in freelance writing because I was making much with my AdSense but when I got that banned then I bend my road towards freelance writing, and now I am earning even more. But the only problem which I face in Freelance writing is that we are not free.
    I mean to say that we have to bound to our chair and on our laptop for completing the orders.

    Whatever I love freelance writing too.
    Fahad Khaliq Mirza recently posted..How To Create A Blog For Free And Make MoneyMy Profile

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