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Gifts You Can Hint For Because Your a Writer!

Just for the heck of it I thought I’d offer a short list of gifts I’d enjoy – feel free to pass this along to your friends and family and tell them you’d enjoy receiving these gifts too.
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild offers this usuable  memorial of some of the books that have been banned in this country (the United States) in the name of ‘protecting our morals,’ or more likely, ‘protecting your morals.’

It might remind us that we’ve survived this sort of nonsense before, and give us hope we will again.

Offered at Amazon – just click the cup.


Every writer seems to need multiple paper journals. Choose any or all of these:

When all else fails:

Ideas and other tricks – just click the image.

Is there a writer who doesn’t love pens?

And because real writers love to read:

And read magazines!

Okay, these are all from Amazon and if you or anyone else uses the links to make a purchase, I make a commission. (Full disclosure!)

Write well and often,


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