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Gratitude List 2016

gratutudeThe idea of a national day of gratitude is a lovely tradition, marred by tying it a myth about happy native Americans and pilgrims sharing a meal. The real story is devastating and why so many native American’s call this a day of mourning.

It’s also worth noting that during this American holiday week, Native Americans are being blasted with water cannon and tear gas in North Dakota. I wrote more about this over at WhenGrandmotherSpeaks.com in an article called Kill the Black Snake – The Dakota Access Pipeline.

Mixed feelings doesn’t mean I’m not grateful

The fact that I recognize this day as a day of mourning for many of my fellow Americans doesn’t mean I’m not full of gratitude. As is my own tradition I’ll shortly list some of what I’m grateful for.

First, what readers are have gratitude for

This year marks the beginning of a new tradition here about gratitude. I asked my readers to share about their own gratitude. Although the list is short, it’s more than worthwhile.

Sue Chehrenegar said: This morning I discovered that I have something else to be thankful for. I am grateful to my parents for having chosen to move out of York, PA when I was only 4 years old. Today, I saw on CNN that some young girl from York was yelling “white power” after Trump’s election.

Lark Wells said:I think I’m most grateful for my dad. I lived far away from him for most of my adult life and have been living near him for the last 6 years. I am so happy to see his twinkling eyes and hear his laughter. I love him dearly and enjoy every minute I get to spend with him.

Sue Chehrenegar, who contributed twice, said: Now that Trump has become the President Elect, I am thankful for the possibility that Newt Gingrich might play some role in his administration. Newt has advocated for more funds to the scientists that are investigating the causes of and cures for disorders of the brain. As someone that has hydrocephalus, I would welcome an increase in such funds.

My personal gratitude list

Here’s my personal gratitude list – my rules say it’s totally okay to be grateful for the small things, and this year I was challenged to go deeper and figure out how to be grateful for the hard lessons – the ones that teach us so much about life. I’ll mark those with asterisks.

1.      The coaching I’m involved with * 2.     My daughter Linda
3.      My son Mike 4.     My son Steve
5.      My granddaughter Emily 6.     My granddaughter Valerie
7.      My grandson Ben 8.     My grandson Cole
9.     My DIL Gloria 10.   My DIL Stacy
11.    My SIL Chris 12.   My mother
13.   My father 14.   The rest of my family known and unknown
15.   the telephone 16.   the internet
17.   my car 18.   my car’s tires
19.   gasoline, even though I know we need to get off fossil fuels 20.  my cats Toulouse and Dudley
21.   All small and big cats 22.  Hot water
23.  Baths 24.  Electricity
25.  Refrigeration 26.  Ovens and stoves
27.  Microwave ovens 28.  My desk
29.  The house I live in 30.  SWZC where I live and practice
31.   Knowing how to type 32.  My keyboard
33.   Windows 34.  Heat
35.   Air conditioning 36.  Humidifiers
37.   My neighbor Jennifer 38.  My teacher, friend and neighbor, Herb
39.  Seisen 40.  My neighbor Jonanna
41.   Her friend Royal 42.  My neighbor Jimmy
43.  My neighbor Rosie 44.  My neighbors Ando and Doshin
45.  My neighbors Hans Peter and Nachili 46.  My neighbors, Keli, Sean, Dillon & Aden
47.  My neighbors Ale and Jay 48.  My friend Cait
49.  My friend Claudia 50.  Twiggs coffee shop
51.   Café Moto and their solar roasted coffee 52.  Rachel’s coffee shop
53.   David’s coffee shop 54.  Meditation
55.   Support for meditation 56.  Quan yin statues
57.   My bed 58.  My computer and keyboard
59.  Monitor 60.  Printer
61.   Litter boxes and litter 62.  Hats
63.  Shoes 64.  Going barefoot
65.  Memories of boats 66.  My friend Betty
67.  MzTiz 68.  Paja
69.  Mrs. Tipton – my first grade teacher 70.  Rev. Guy Williams
71.   AA* 72.  Getting and staying sober*
73.   Nicotine Anonymous – being nicotine free 74.  Rev. Kevin Bucy
75.   Kelly Seay – High school English teacher 76.  Gayle Fall
77.   My forum 78.  Jennifer Mattern
79.  Cathy Miller 80.  Sharon Hurley Hall
81.   David Rodrick 82.  Helen Chang
83.  Lori Widmer 84.  Flowers
85.  Grass 86.  Trees
87.  Gardens 88.  Vegetables
89.  Food! 90.  Good coffee
91.   The Pacific Ocean 92.  Sailing
93.  South Pacific 94.  Navy blue starfish
95.  King salmon 96.  Oysters
97.  Bacon 98.  Eggs
99.  Chickens 100.         Fish
101.           Pigs 102.         Mala beads
103.           Potatoes 104.         Onions
105.           Ellie! 106.         Elise
107.           Mark B 108.         Life!

Feel free to add what you’re grateful for in comments,

Write well and often,


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