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5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Blog from Anywhere

manage your blog from anywhereIf you’re a passionate blogger or earn your living writing, you probably long for more flexibility. With today’s technological development, you shouldn’t search too much. There are various smart solutions that allow you to manage your blog from anywhere at any time.

We have listed a series of tools that can support your writing while you are on a business trip or enjoy your vacation. It’s true. You can manage your blog from anywhere. Check them out and see if they suit your needs.


Blogo is an intuitive tool that will help you write and edit your content on any device. Blogo is an efficient publishing app that will help you post or modify your content quickly. You can access this application remotely from any Apple gadget. Its ease of access features basically enable you to craft your next post directly on your iPhone. You can post content as soon as inspiration comes in. But if you don’t own a Mac, you can use BlogJet which is an efficient alternative for computers using Windows.

The Blogo app is a top choice for writers who are currently on the move doing practical research. Its powerful feature allow you to keep writing at a fast pace because:

  • Blogo is enabled with an offline mode. You don’t necessarily have to be online to continue working.
  • It automatically saves all your content, providing strong back-up
  • It allows you to customize your panel according to your preferences
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Blogo allows you to work on several blog posts simultaneously
  • If you can’t wait to get that post online and want to see how it looks, Blogo allows you to visualize your content before posting through its Live preview feature
  • Blogo is synchronized with Evernote

There are many other features that could leverage your writing. Do you usually take your work with you on vacation? If need something that’s located back home, don’t forget there are many remote desktop TeamViewer alternatives you could use.


Tumbler is a popular option for bloggers who need more flexibility; this app allows users to engage in what is called; microblogging. This type of blogging means posting concise content like quotes, videos, links or photos. Tumbler has a set of features that make blogging easy and fun:

  • Mobile access: you can log in to this platform from your mobile phone and blog at any time
  • Interconnectivity: this tool allows you to post content that will become visible on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or WordPress too
  • External posts: you can let other users post on your Tumblr roll through a quick approval
  • Customization: Tumbler enables users to use multiple themes they can customize according to their preferences. Yes, Tumblr will let you manage your blog from anywhere.


Blogger is one of the best free resources for writers that will allow you to publish your ideas fast and easy, on the go so you can manage your blog from anywhere. Blogger is one of the simplest ways to start your personal blog and get a domain for your page. Several publishing features turn this app into an accessible tool for anyone:

  • Save drafts: if you’re constantly on the run, you probably have second thoughts about posting what you’ve just written; Blogger allows you to save your drafts, review and publish them later
  • Labels: this app can add labels to your content
  • Modify: if you’re not pleased with your post, you can modify it at a later time
  • Neat organization: Blogger displays all your current and saved posts in an accurate list and allows you to manage several blogs at the same time.

ManageWP Worker

If you want to make it in freelance writing, you need to work smart. You could be a talented writer, but this is not enough. You need to optimize your work and become more productive. This tool can help you improve many aspects of your work. Manage WP Worker grants you immediate access to all your sites. You’ll get them all in one place without wasting any more time accessing them separately.

You can update all your pages with a single click. It allows you to order all your comments and clear unnecessary information. This application also performs security checks and notifies you if your site is threatened by any suspicious activity.


Writer is a useful tool for any blogger who longs for distraction-free writing. This tool can be used on any mobile device, and it helps by simplifying your work environment. Unlike many other apps that provide too many distracting aesthetic options, Writer focuses solely on your text. It’s accessible from any mobile device and works perfectly for those who turned their iPad into a writing tool.

  • Main features: this intuitive app allows you to handle your text by making lists, bolding words, inserting headers, using italics, undoing or redoing your text’
  • Shortcuts: the Writer Plus version comes along with a series of shortcuts that will enhance your productivity and optimize your writing

These are some of the most popular applications that will help you write remotely and literally manage your blog from anywhere. They’re easy to access and install. The most relevant gain is that you’ll able to post content at any time from all your devices. Download or purchase one of these apps and manage your blog from anywhere.

dustin-fordDustin Ford is a writer focused mostly on social media and marketing. He is always looking for a new topic that his audience wants and needs. 

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  • Great! These apps are very useful for blogger.
    These apps can manage your blog from anywhere.
    I found some different apps below which can manage your blog from anywhere:

    1. Disqus – If bloggers are using Disqus commenting system on blogs then android app of Disqus can help you moderate comments, publish responses and many other things.
    2. BlogPost – It is a multi Blogging Platform client. with the help of this, app you can handle Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal etc. If you want to create/edit posts, manage comments, upload photos/videos etc with the help of this app you can do easily. It is also an awesome editor from where you can change the Font, Insert Links, paragraph styles, Quotes etc.

    • John, I dislike Disqus – makes commenting anything but easy in my experience.

  • I’m more familiar and can vogue for any ManageWP products. Back when I had multiple blogs on gaming in high school as a hobby, using their plugins made updating all my websites a breeze.

    • vogue? suspect you meant vouch… probably some sort of auto correct which I’m coming to hate on cell phones. But yes, the plugins make a huge positive difference.

  • Never used any of these apps before and will try them now. I think Blogo is best in this list. Thanks for sharing Dustin
    Kevin recently posted..Best Wireless Dog Fence – Invisible Dog Fence Reviews 2016My Profile

  • Thanks for the introduction to Blogo, Dustin. I’m always looking for more ways to manage blogging efficiently, and it sounds like it’s worth a look.

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