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Start a Profitable Freelance Writing Career Without Contacts

profitable freelance writing careerYou can start a profitable freelance writing career without contacts.

I recently met a writer who had pretty decent writing skills and was making a miserable $12 per blog posts of 300-400 words. I asked him why he wasn’t earning more and he responded with something like, “I don’t have the contacts.”

“Huh,” I thought. “I wonder why he thinks he needs ‘contacts’ to get started?”

The real secret to a profitable freelance writing career

Sure, contacts might make it easier, but you can begin a profitable freelance writing career by starting where you are and, gasp!, writing.

If I were starting today, here’s exactly what I would do, in order:

Start a website

If you’re to have a profitable freelance writing career people have got to be able to find you. Start a website. I’d go to BlueHost, (mention my name in who referred you and I’ll get a commission) and grab a domain name, ideally with my own name. I already have one at www.annewayman.com. Cathy Miller was able to score www.MillerCathy.comIf my name wasn’t available, I’d add writer or something like that to it.

I’d install WordPress – BlueHost has a one click install – select a free mobile theme and get four pages up just as quick as I could. One  huge advantage of WordPress is that it’s easy to change.

Announce the site

Find a free press release site and send an announcement of your site. Highlight the site and the kind of writing you do – even if, at this point, it’s wishful thinking.

Announce it on all your social media accounts. Consider what social media sites you should join. Make your LinkedIn profile outstanding.

Add something helpful for people who want to hire writers weekly or at least twice a month. Promote in social media. In addition to possible attracting clients you’re also creating samples.

Get business cards printed

Using VistaPrint or some other online business card printer I’d get business cards made. What Should Your Business Card Say? will help.

Contact friends and family

Let all your friends and family know about your new site and your desire for writing gigs. Make sure they all have at least a couple of copies of your business card. If, as is likely, none of them needs a writer, several will know someone who does… ask them to pass your information along.

Start answering ads for writers and calling businesses

Plan on spending about an hour a day answering ads for writers. Sure, there’s a ton of competition, but you’ll probably land one or two every week or so.

Using Google or even a telephone book, start making 10-20 calls a day offering your freelance writing services.

Do this for two months and you’ll probably have some writing gigs and you’ll also have contacts.

Are you up for having a profitable freelance writing career? You can start it right here, right now. Let me know what you think in comments.

Write well and often,


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