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Tips On Finding Ghostwriting Jobs

ghostwriting jobsThe Association of Ghostwriters states about finding ghostwriting jobs: the key to making more money as a ghostwriter is fairly simple: make sure everyone you know, or come in contact with, knows you provide ghostwriting services.

There are plenty of sources of ghostwriting work. This list should help you get started if you’re new to the game or looking for some additions to your existing list.

People you know!

I list this first because you’ll already have a level of trust with these folks. However, some writers are too embarrassed to admit to family and friends what they do for a living (or as a side gig). Think about this: You never know who may need your services unless you ask.

Over the years I have done work for my podiatrist, chiropractor, remedial masseur, and various friends. I always carry business cards because you never know when an opportunity to help somebody will suddenly appear.


Ghostwriting jobs and bidding sites

Sites such as Upwork and Guru advertise thousands of jobs in different categories. Set your search parameters to find the specific jobs you’re looking for. There’s plenty of competition for jobs on these sites. Many writers live in countries with a low cost of living so they place extremely low bids. Be persistent and you’ll find a few worthwhile jobs.

I started writing seven years ago and my first job was from Odesk (now merged with Upwork). The client wanted 30 articles about type 2 diabetes and I initially thought, “how am I going to find enough material for 30 articles?” Seven years later, I have retained that client and have written 1300 articles about diabetes.

Social media sites


 With approx. 1.5 billion users, it’s the single largest market to tap into. Create your own page (not to be confused with a personal profile). Advertise your services and include links back to your website. Write useful posts (not what you had for breakfast or what happened at the party last night) and build a following. Join writing groups, make friends and share ideas. You can also do paid advertising.


LinkedIn is regarded as THE business social media site. Build your complete profile, complete with skills, and connect with other people. You can also use other social media sites including Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Look for writers’ forums so you can increase your network and reputation and find jobs when advertised. I belong to the Warrior Forum. It’s the largest internet marketing forum on the planet. Many of the members need help from writers and I have completed plenty of paid jobs. I also have a paid ad and links back to my site. Because I’m also an editor/proofreader, I’m more marketable than a writer without other strings to their bow.

Classified ad sites 

Craigslist, (and Anne’s selection of CL ads) Gumtree and many other classified ad sites are handy for advertising your services because they’re free. You have two options and can do both. Advertise your services and let people come to you and you can also browse to see any available jobs.

Relevant organisations

 There are lots of relevant organisations you can join that can provide job and resource opportunities. Some are free and others cost money.

Other places to look for ghostwriting jobs

  • You may have writer friends and, if they’re too busy, you can offer to do some of their work and vice versa.
  • If you know any publishers, ensure they know you’re available for work if they come across opportunities.
  • Guest posts. If asked to write guest posts on other people’s sites, it’s a fantastic way to give you exposure to a different audience, as well as giving you more writing experience.
  • Use Google and browse for opportunities, other writer sites and anything that can potentially give you more work or a chance to add to your knowledge.

Even if you have been writing for 20 or 30 years, don’t assume you know every possible way to locate work. The internet world is vast and opportunities can present themselves when you least expect them.



Laurence Pollwade said:  “I’m a keen reader, writer, editor and proofreader and have been working as a Laurence Pollwade on ghostwriting jobsghostwriter for seven years. I love living here in Australia and having clients from different countries right around the world really hits home just how powerful the internet really is. Despite a recent slump in work which seems to be a trend for a lot of writers at the moment, I look forward to helping other people express themselves for many years to come.

You’ll find me on the net at: http://ghostwritingspot.com and on my blog at http://laurencewins.com

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