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How to Find Enough Time to Write

Enough Time to WriteOne survey respondent wanted to know how to find enough time to write. Here’s how she answered the two questions:

Q1: With all the things you’ve got going in all areas of your life, what is your biggest challenge?

Time is my biggest challenge. I work two jobs and by the time I have the time to write, my brain can’t focus.

 Q2: If someone could help you in any area of your life, what would you love to have help with?

How to write consistently, enjoy it, and make money from doing what I enjoy?

The two answers taken together point to a solution I think.

Although the survey taker didn’t say so, it sounds to me like they are trying to get the writing done after the two jobs are completed each work day because that’s where they think they have time to write. By the time they get to that portion of their day, however, they are, not surprisingly, worn out. Feeling exhausted is a poor place to try to get the writing done.

They point to this with the desire to “…write consistently, (and) enjoy it…”

The obvious solution, which may not work in this case, is to write before taking off for the two jobs. The idea here is to get the writing done before the exhaustion sets in. So much depends on exactly what the work schedule is, including the time spent getting ready for and getting to each job.

Do you really want to write?

The first thing to be sure of is that you really truly absolutely want to write. A truth is if you do, you’ll find a way to get it done. Which doesn’t mean it will be easy. Finding enough time to do anything can be a challenge. And it can take time to work this out as you experiment with first one and then another solution until you find something that works.

Mark Boresma, business coach, entrepreneur and more, loves to remind people that we all have 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes which works out to 10,080 minutes in a week, etc.

It really is up to each one of us how we spend or use that time.

How much is enough time to write?

Most of us have a notion that we should have hours everyday to write, or something close to that. While it’s true that’s a lovely place to be in, it is not a requirement. You can get an amazing amount of writing done in as little as five or ten minutes a day. I know because I’ve done it and I tell that story here and here.

It’s really kind of amazing for two reasons. I quickly learned I could write in short bursts like that but, because I freelance full time, I kept extending the time … until the particular piece of writing began to interfere with the rest of what I felt I had to do. I also realized that although I do want to get that piece done eventually, it isn’t nearly as high a priority as I thought it was.

Our survey taker also says she wants to enjoy her time writing – this too I believe is mostly choice. I didn’t enjoy my first couple of short writing sessions, but I ended up getting a huge kick out of how much I could get done.

Finally, in terms of making money at what she enjoys – welcome aboard. This site has a lot to say about making money writing. You’ll even find a category called Money. Take a look. You might be delighted and surprised at what you find there.

Write well and often,



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  • Making money from writing isn’t even that hard. The hardest part is writing if you don’t enjoy the topic of your write-up. That’s why motivation is so important, at least for me. Great post, Anne.

  • Yep. I’ve gone from one extreme (thinking I could only write when I had all day to do it in) to another (now I write even when I know I only have a few minutes). The first time you create a useable outline of a blog post or article in 3 minutes flat you realize just how much time you’ve been wasting!
    Karen recently posted..The Super Useful Online Business Tools I Use Every DayMy Profile

  • Nice & Interesting Article. I also work in two different kind of jobs in different schedule. I am also facing the problem with Time. Whenever I sit to write any article I cannot focus about my article. Mind always diverts to stop writing & take rest. May be its Because of work pressure I am facing in my job. it is hard for me to focus about writing.
    Aptha Gowda recently posted..Top 10+ High Paying URL Shortener Websites To Make Money Online Without InvestmentMy Profile

    • Have you tried doing the writing earlier in your day? That’s always ended up my solution – getting up earlier. Not for everyone I realize.

  • Interesting article. I never thought of it like that…! I only work 2 to 3 days a week part time I have plenty of free time on my hands…so I already dedicated to writing at least 2 to 3 hours a day Monday through Friday.
    Gary Campbell recently posted..GBP May Stand More To Lose Than EUR After Terror AttackMy Profile

    • I find four hours is the max time I can write well… two to three hours is actually more likely. Sounds like you’re on track.

  • Great insight and advice, thanks for this. I sometimes struggle with finding enough time to write and I only work part-time!

    Would you mind sending me an email whenever is most convenient for you, Anne? You probably remember that I’ve written for you in the past and I’d like to continue to! 🙂


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