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Stop Getting Ready – Write Rewrite and Market!

write rewrite and marketWhat are you doing right now? Okay, you’re reading this article. But why? Why aren’t you writing? Seriously.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I love readers and actively court more. I don’t want to chase you away. But… you may want to look at why you’re reading this right now and not writing.

Actually, I make two assumptions about the people who visit this site:

  • You’re already a freelance writer and you want to do more with your chosen career.
  • You are thinking about freelance writing as a career and you’re looking for how-to information.

By and large this is borne out by Google Analytics which not only tells me how many people visit the site but what articles the actually read or at least look at. (Yes, this means you’re being tracked – or more specifically your ip address is being tracked. Almost all sites do this one way or another.)

The recent survey I took of people who visit the sit (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CHSFLXP if you missed it) tells me the same thing in a bit more detail.

No guru here

I’m not a guru, nor do I play one on TV or even on the Web.  I was blessed with some native writing talent that I’ve managed to steward reasonably well over time. I also discovered the web as a publishing medium back when I was still using the DOS operating system and couldn’t see images. I’ve learned some things about the business of writing (and yes, it is a business) along the way and share it here, in our forum, in occasional webinars and when I coach writers.

Write rewrite and market

There are no secrets to freelance writing success. Oh, I’ve been known to use ‘secrets’ in a title or two. In fact, if you haven’t gotten my free ebook on the topic, you can get it here just be signing up for the newsletter.

It all boils down to this:




If you will do those three things often and regularly, if you will write rewrite and market, you will probably become a successful freelance writer. Yes, it’s that simple, although it isn’t easy.

Which is why I asked you why you’re reading instead of writing, or rewriting, or marketing.

How much do you really need to learn?

It’s true, the internet has made it possible to easily learn the business of freelance writing. In fact, some make it seem too easy while others hint at secrets they’ll share for a price.

Writer’s of my generation made it on way less information – a couple of magazines about writing, a short handful of books, and maybe a writer’s group that offered truly constructive criticism.

If you’ve got something you want to say and you think you know where you can sell it, you’ve got enough to get started.

So, get started already!

And now that I’ve ranted at you, you may have some questions. Ask them in comments and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Write well and often,


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  • It is true. I guess there’s no easy way to success when it comes to freelancing and life in general. You have to generate content, refine it over time, and put it out there to be read. The only way to become a good freelancer is by writing and learning through the process.

    But maybe you forgot to mention that one has to be patient. I believe patience is a core virtue in freelance writing. Time may pass by before your work gets the recognition it deserves and patience may be the factor determining whether you succeed or otherwise.

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing.

    • Ah, yes, patience… and persistence… maybe I’ll do a post on those… good idea… thanks!

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