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Roundup of 6 Tips About Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding Freelance Writing JobsFinding freelance writing jobs has certainly gotten easier since the advent of the ‘net and this post is mostly about that.

But first I want to tell you how I found the resources listed here. Long before the ‘net and The Google, there were libraries. Back in the day, libraries had card catalogs that had a cards on each book. They cards were sorted into categories – title, author, and subject. Many books had more than one subject card.

These cards were collected into wonderful wooden drawers, held in place by a long metal rod that passed through the hole punched in each card. When you wanted to find something on say, writing, you’d pull open the drawer marked Wh-Ws and thumb through one-by-one until you found what you wanted.

There was a magical feel about pulling the correct drawer out. You could, if needed, remove it completely and rest it on a built-in shelf so you could get to the very last cards.

Card catalogs meant serendipity

One of the great joys of this process was finding the unexpected. For example, if you were looking for something about writing, you might stumble into books about writ which is a legal term, or find something on the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT)You just never knew what might show up.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who occasionally took a random drawer out of the catalog, put it on a counter and paged through just looking for surprises.

Freelance writing jobs serendipity

The other day I was searching for information on customer service to write Customer Service and Freelance Writers and low and behold found a whole bunch of tips about finding freelance writing jobs. The link was https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=freelance+writers+can+improve+customer+service+2+ways (what an awful url… but there you have it.)

Why my search for customer service brought up tips about freelance writing jobs I have no idea, but I loved it. And I’m truly glad serendipity is still possible with google searches.

Here are my six favorites from the first couple of pages:

8 Practical Ways New, Inexperienced Freelance Writers Can Get Clients – popup warning – but your email address gets you a potentially useful list of websites that pay writers.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pitches and Get More Freelance Writing Work – say ‘no thanks’ to the giant popup and Darren Rowse has five useful ideas you can use.

How Do You Elevate Your Freelance Writing Career Using Social Media? – pretty good overview of social media with some nice surprises.

14 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills In 2014 (Redux) – a good list that is actually timeless.

7 Ways to Dramatically Improve The Value of Your Website – good tips for anyone, including me.

How to Market Your Freelance Writing Website so That Potential Clients Find You and Fall Over Backward to Hire You – if you haven’t done all of these, do so… soon.

Of course, right here you can find a list of job sites I like plus a ton of articles on finding freelance writing jobs.

Write well and often,




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