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My Favorite Freelance Writing Hashtags

writing hashtagsProper use of freelance writing hashtags allows you to signal to social media users that your content is of interest to those in the freelance writing field.

Hashtags are those search words or phrases preceded by the number or hash sign (#) that’s found on top of the number 3 on most keyboards. Originally used by programmers to call out something specific. They began to creep into public awareness with the advent of Twitter and their decision in July of 2009, to link hashtag tweets. It was during the Iranian election protests of 2009-2010 that the upsurge in hashtag use really took off.

Hashtags are no longer limited to Twitter – you’ll find them and can use them on almost all social media including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

My favorite writing hashtags

I most often use hashtags on twitter. I do it to attract an audience for these posts. In general I’ll use:


Sometimes I’ll use:


Looking for hashtags and using them

Google makes it easy to find hashtags, about writing or anything else. Just search on something like hashtags for writers and you’ll get more than you need. Substitute what you’re writing about for the word writers. Most hashtags are pretty self-explanatory.

Yes, you can invent your own – that’s how all these got started. Just be aware that unless or until others start using the hashtag you created, it won’t have much traction. For example, the terms freelancewriter and freelancewriting have gradually been getting more and more popular on Twitter. Originally it seemed only freelance had any credence.

There is always some question about how many hashtags you should use to promote a single post or photo. On Twitter many people say no more than two. I use three and that seems to work.

On other sites, mileage will vary. If it’s a photo site part of your decision is how the hashtags will look –  you don’t want to overwhelm. Pay attention to what others are doing and do that is probably the best guideline.

Got a tip or a story to tell us about writing hashtags or any other for that matter? Let us know in comments.

Write well and often,




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  • Be sure to research those hashtags before you use them (especially if you think you’ve invented one). The worst thing is to use a hashtag and find out it has a following of less than savory purposes.

  • I often use three hashtags when all three are a perfect fit. For example: #Freelance #Writing for #Nonprofits.
    John Soares recently posted..Why Good Writing Clients Are Hard to Find but Easy to KeepMy Profile

  • I have written an article before to one of my clients about the ideal number of hashtags per tweet. Based on my research, most suggest that it should be two. From what I remember, three hashtags also work, but not as effective as two. They say that when you use more than two hashtags, the engagement drops.

    Nevertheless, I rarely tweet with hashtags simply because I always forget. Thank you Anne for writing this post. It reminded me to use hashtags more often.
    Lem Enrile recently posted..Why Working From Home Is Not As Easy As You ThinkMy Profile

    • Yes, your research agrees with mine… two hashtags per twitter post… sometimes I break with convention. Glad you found the article helpful.

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