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Which Of These 10 Common Grammar Mistakes Do You Make – If Any?

Amanda LinGlobal English Editing & The Expert Editoroffered the infographic below. I looked at it and realized I’m guilty! I’m not sure I even understand the comma splice.

Although I know the difference between its and it’s, and your and you’re, my typing fingers often lead me to make those grammar mistakes – as some of you probably know.

I’m not sure using the passive voice is actually a grammar error, but it sure can be a mistake and results in boring prose.

Take a look and see if we should send the grammar police after you or if you’re use of language is, if not great, at least darn good.

grammar mistakes

If you want to confess to some grammar mistakes or goofs, you can do so in comments.

Write well and often,



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  • Hello Anne,
    This is my first visit navigated through John’s blog.
    After started blogging for a month before Now I started to focus on improving my grammar and content writing format.

    Honestly I still do mistakes in Their and there but the simple explanation by Amanda was pretty easy to understand.
    Back to you!! 🙂

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