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Ideas Are Everywhere – Freelance Writers Only Need to Notice Them

ideas are everywhereI don’t know how many times someone who wants to write asks “but where would I get ideas I could write about?”

Here’s a truth about ideas: Ideas are everywhere.

Ideas are everywhere

Let me demonstrate by simply looking around my office and seeing what ideas I can spark right now:

  1. Vision board
  2. One large cat
  3. Litter box
  4. Magazine holders used for files
  5. Computer
  6. Ergonomic keyboard
  7. Desk I can stand at
  8. Desk I can sit at
  9. Kneeling chair
  10. Almost empty cup of coffee

Okay, that’s 10 and I haven’t moved away from my desk- and it probably took me 3 minutes.

Example ideas

Here are those 10 ideas repeated, but I’ve added how each might become an article, blog post, or even a chapter in a book

Vision board – Creating a Vision board is suggested by many. I could write about mine, tell how I use it and what results I get – the article could be pro Vision boards, anti Vision boards or a combination. Market? Any place the pay for self-help information.

One large cat – Teaching your cat to get on a scale, is one idea. So is helping your cat lose weight (if I ever find a solution). Keeping an indoor cat from getting board. Walking your cat. Choosing a vet… ideas keep coming. Market? Any place that will pay for articles about cats.

Litter box – Choosing a litter box. YouTube videos about making a litter box. Stopping litter tracking. Moving a litter box – cats hate that. Market? Any place that will pay for practical articles about cats.

Magazine holders used for files – Cheap storage for files and other paper. Make  your magazine holders look good (I wouldn’t, but…) Where to buy. Market? Places, including blogs, that pay for household tips. Design blogs and magazines. Women’s magazine.

Computer – How to buy your next computer. What to do with your old computer. Donate your old computer safely. Market? Women’s magazines, AARP and similar retirement publications – big market for this sort of thing.

Ergonomic keyboard – What is an ergonomic keyboard? Why you need an ergonomic keyboard. How to choose and ergonomic keyboard. Market? Women’s magazines, business magazines, education magazines.

Desk I can stand at – Why a standing desk can make you healthier. Why a standing desk may not be a great option. Hacks to make a standing desk. Market? Business magazines and blogs. Part of a book on ergonomics. Do it yourself magazine and blogs.

Desk I can sit at – An essay on sitting at my desk. How to keep your desk clear. Market? Business magazines and blogs, women’s magazines.

Kneeling chair – What is a kneeling chair? Why it may help you avoid back pain. How to choose a kneeling chair. Market? Health and wellness publications.

Almost empty cup of coffee – Maybe a poem. An article about Fair Trade coffee. A look back at changes in coffee drinking habits. Market? Poetry markets. Women’s and or business publications. Publications about trade.

Obviously there are more than 10 things in my office, and in yours. This is just an example of how ideas are everywhere.

You can do this sort of exercise anywhere. You can focus it on your niche or speciality if you like.

The next step is to Sharpen Your Ideas.

How do you find your ideas? 

Write well and often,




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