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108 Things I’m Grateful For

gratefulYears ago now, Rev. Guy Williams (see below) challenged a class I was in to count out 100 things we were grateful for every day. Although with some practice I was able to list many things I was grateful for, counting them out proved to be a real dilemma for me.

Sure, I could do it on a computer using Word or Excel or WordPress as I’ve done here, but I wanted to make this part of a morning meditation. It came to me that my mala or Buddhist rosary had 108 beads, so I began to use that. I was given a Sufi string of beads to count out the 99 names of God – I used that for awhile too.

It’s become a Thanksgiving day tradition for me to sit down at my computer and right out at least 100 things I’m grateful for. Today it turned out to be 107 – so I added one more to make up 108 items.

I could probably double this, or even triple it – there truly is much to be grateful in this crazy world we live in. I love this as a practice – it’s really hard to be upset or unhappy when I do this.

You’re welcome to adopt and adapt this for your own purposes if you’d like.

  1. Dudley, the tuxedo kitty that lives with me
  2. Toulouse the tabby cat that lives with me
  3. My computer keyboard – it’s ergonomic
  4. So is my kneeling chair
  5. My moniter
  6. My desk
  7. The connection to the internet
  8. My modem
  9. My router
  10. My vision board
  11. My land line
  12. My smart phone
  13. My best friend
  14. My other best friend
  15. My online writer friends
  16. Clean water
  17. Hot water
  18. Good coffee
  19. The forum
  20. Roshi Seisen Saunders
  21. Rev. Guy Williams
  22. Sangha members
  23. World Beat Center
  24. My mobile vet
  25. My chiropractor
  26. My daughter
  27. Her twin brother
  28. My youngest son
  29. My oldest granddaughter
  30. My oldest grandson
  31. My youngest granddaughter
  32. My youngest grandson
  33. Meditation
  34. Alcoholics Anonymous
  35. Narcotics Anonymous
  36. Nicotine Anonymous
  37. Debtors Anonymous
  38. Underearners Anonymous
  39. Bill W.
  40. Dr. Bob
  41. Electricity
  42. Natural gas
  43. Espresso
  44. My espresso machine
  45. Organic milk
  46. Trader Joe’s
  47. Coffee from Cafe Moto (yes, they do mail order and they roast with solar power and most of their coffee is fair traded.)
  48. Washing machines
  49. Dryers
  50. Thrift stores
  51. Libraries
  52. Books
  53. Publishers
  54. Self-publishing
  55. Atlantic Magazine
  56. Mother Jones magazine
  57. The New Yorker
  58. Bloomberg’s magazine
  59. Rolling Stone
  60. Daily Kos
  61. Alternet
  62. High Country News
  63. Thom Hardman
  64. Radio
  65. Pandora
  66. Trees
  67. Flowers
  68. Succulents
  69. Weeds
  70. Vegetables
  71. Popcorn! (Did you know you can pop popcorn in small brown paper bags in your microwave with no oil of any sort?)
  72. Facebook – sometimes
  73. Heaters
  74. Air Conditioners
  75. Humidifiers
  76. A home
  77. Hardwood floors
  78. A stove
  79. A shower
  80. Sinks
  81. Refrigerators
  82. Freezers
  83. Grocery stores
  84. Trucks that deliver so much
  85. Farmers, particularly organic farmers
  86. Grass fed beef
  87. Paleo eating
  88. Herbal teas
  89. Skipping Black Friday
  90. Online shopping
  91. Local non-chain stores
  92. Clients
  93. My real estate investment recruiting with my daughter (Ask me.)
  94. My car
  95. Gasoline
  96. Tires
  97. A good mobile mechanic
  98. The Pacific Ocean – all of it
  99. Mountains
  100. Rivers
  101. Fish
  102. People working to stop the environmental damage to our planet
  103. People working for environmental justice
  104. Cathy Miller’s list of thanks
  105. Kozan
  106. Mitra
  107. Cleo the cat
  108. Other people’s dogs

Write well and often,




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  • Hey, Jorge… finishing the novel… congratulations… truly. Good to hear from you.

  • jorgekafkazar

    Hey, nice list, Anne. I hope all is well. I’m finishing up my novel (at last), waiting for beta comments to come in. More in the works. Be well,

  • Yes, it was great having lunch. Re catching up… no need.

  • Thanks, Anne. It was soooo good seeing you. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to your list in length but I am thankful for the inspiration and most of all your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..How Welcoming is Your Business Communication?My Profile

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