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Beliefs That Limit Freelance Writers Income

freelance writers incomeIt’s not the market, it’s not the competition – it’s beliefs that limit freelance writers income. Oh, to be sure, not all freelance writers have ideas that stop them from early a truly good living, but many do. And of course market conditions play some roll. Even competition can seem, at times to limit freelance writers income. But those aren’t real reasons.

Freelance writing is one of those careers that requires more than the desire, even the need, to get words on paper and out to the public. It requires self-confidence and self-worth to find the client or the market for the kind of writing you want to do. Then you’ve got to negotiate how much you’ll get paid.  Finally,  you’ve got to get those words written down and be willing to be edited.

Holes in your self-confidence, doubts about our abilities, and false beliefs can limit your income severely.

Examples of limiting beliefs

One of the more common ideas that writers have is that their writing isn’t ‘good enough.’ I always want to ask, “… good enough for what?” “Good enough” is a phrase that doesn’t have much meaning and is often used as an excuse to avoid writing and/or marketing even by truly talented writers. Chances are if English is your native language and you read a lot, you write well enough. In fact, if English isn’t your first language, but you’ve studied it, listened to it and you read a lot, your writing may be good enough or will be with some practice.

Another limiting belief is that you need more education before you can write successfully. Why? While education, formal or otherwise will deepen your view of the world which has the potential for making your writing better, it’s not automatic.

The idea that you hate marketing, that writing is or should be above the need of marketing can stop your income cold. Saying you hate marketing is really saying you hate letting people know you’re a writer. Telling the world, or at least the part of the world that may need your writing is the only and the best reason for marketing yourself and your writing. There are roughly a gillion ways to get that done – find one that works for you and quit avoiding clients.

Underlying these and many more limiting beliefs about you and your writing is a general sense that you’re not worthy, not deserving. These feelings show up as fear, resistance, excuse making and other symptoms that sometimes disguise, at least for awhile, what’s really going on.

Fortunately you can change limiting beliefs. The first step is simply recognizing that you have some. It can help to identify them. It’s also possible to change without identifying exactly the belief you want to change.  You can change your mind! Here are 3 posts that will help:

Writers, How Do You Love Yourself?

6 Ways You Can Accept Responsibility For Your Own Self Worth

1 Powerful Way Writers Can Improve Their Self-Worth and Make More Money

Give ’em a try and see what happens.

Write well and often,


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  • Jenifer

    Once again, Anne, you nailed it. I’m guilty of a few of these and it helps to get called out on them. I love your matter of fact, slap upside the head way of getting to the point and making me accountable for my thoughts and actions. Thanks!

  • This is really a very interesting post Ann,
    Most times, freelance writers do limit themselves by their own thoughts. I believe that anyone can become a very successful freelance writer, its all about developing the right mindset on what you’re doing and also believing in your talents and abilities.

    Saying that your writing is not good enough will only stand on your way towards achieving your goals.

    Thanks for sharing.
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