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A Story of Lost Content

Originally posted on Sept. 3, 2015

I’ve lost access to the content of many of my sites, including AboutFreelanceWriting.

That site goes back before 2004 – first with About.com and then with B5 Media as “The golden pencil.” Why B5 wanted to call it that I never understood.

I registered AboutFreelanceWriting.com in 2004 and have run the site with various looks and such, always with an idea toward helping freelance writers, including myself, earn more money with their writing.

Maybe 8 months ago for what seemed like a very good reason I moved several sites to a business friend’s servers. He and I had worked together over maybe six or seven years.

I had outstanding service and a faster site until Aug. 8 when I emailed him because I couldn’t update to the new word press. I got no response… and have been emailing him several times a week since. Last week my sites went down and I still hadn’t reached him. So I moved my domain names back to Bluehost.

I no longer have access to the server and since no one is replying to my emails I won’t get access unless I can conjure up the credentials or someone gets back to me.

I can only assume he’s dead or terribly ill or something like that.

When this happened and I was gnashing my teeth I also noticed a small sense of relief. I think I had more of my ego/identity tied up in that blog than I realized.

I did check the Internet Archive, aka WayBackMachine, and they have 500 pages out of something like 1200 – I could start rebuilding that way, but in truth I’m not sure I want to. I’m not sure what I want to do. Loosing that much content is pretty shocking and there’s a huge sense of freedom too.

The forum is sill up and running strong because it’s with a different company.

BTW, I’m open to ideas.

I’d also like to know what your reaction is – put it in comments.

Thanks for being there, and as always,

Write well and often,


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