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Freelance Writers, Celebrate the Small Stuff!

Celebrate the Small StuffWhat do you do after calling a client? What happens when you finish a rough draft? After you’ve paid your bills, where do you go? What about a marketing tweet?Or checking off something on your to do list? Finally starting that novel or poem?

I hope and recommend that after starting or finishing or just making progress on your writing business, you celebrate.

Why you should celebrate the small stuff

Celebrating the small stuff creates joy or at least pleasure. I expect you’ll agree that’s a good idea. But there’s more to it than that I believe, including:

  • The world needs more happy people.
  • Celebration feels good.
  • I suspect celebration is also good for the body and mind as long as you don’t use sugar.
  • Celebration is a great way to anchor in good habits.
  • When you’re feeling good your writing is probably better.
  • When you feel good the people around you tend to pick up your mood. (It can happen the other way too – when you feel bad you’re still influencing those around you.)
  • Celebration is fun.
  • Celebration often sparks ideas.

The list could go on…

What’s small stuff?

What small stuff should you celebrate? All of it, probably, or at least most of it. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Every day market your business – even  a little.
  • Contacting potential new client.
  • Completing the rough draft.
  • Getting invoices out.
  • Starting a writing project.
  • Working on a writing project.
  • Editing your work.
  • Contacting past clients.
  • Submitting a query or LOI (Letter of Introduction).
  • Opening even the mail you don’t want to open.
  • Paying the bills.
  • Balancing your checkbook

You get the idea.

How to celebrate the small stuff

We are, I think, pretty good at celebrating the big stuff. We know what to do on birthdays, and when we get a big check, or when there’s a family celebration like a wedding or a holiday occurs.

On the other hand, if you’re at all like me, and I keep discovering I’m not quite as unique as I sometimes think, you don’t stop to celebrate the small stuff. You may not even think of it. Here are some of the ways I celebrate the small stuff:

  • A fresh cup of coffee or tea.
  • Twenty minutes reading a novel just for the heck of it.
  • A brief call to a friend.
  • Ten minutes looking at non-work related websites.
  • Fifteen minutes working in the garden.
  • Sitting in the garden for even five minutes minutes. Or walking in it.
  • A twenty minute walk.
  • A drive to the park where the Sweetwater River meets San Diego bay (takes about half an hour ’cause it close.)
  • Finding the perfect illustration for my vision board – looking for a timed amount of time.
  • Starting a meal I’m really looking forward to.

Since I’m off both sugar and grains, I no longer celebrate with cookies and such. Which doesn’t mean you can’t, although I’m serious about suggesting you reduce the sugar you consume. Apparently there’s good science behind the fact it tends to slow down my thinking. But I digress.

It’s called being good to yourself

Being good to yourself, or self-support, is a must-do for freelance writers. After all, for the most part we work in isolation. If we’re not good to ourselves while we’re working who will be? Time and the ability to celebrate the small stuff is one of the more subtle positives of working for ourselves.

What do you do to celebrate the small stuff?

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