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What Is Your Plan, Freelance Writers?

what is your plan freelance writers?I was struck by this quote I found while doing some research on my new book:

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

Pablo Picasso

I mean who thinks of Picasso planning? I certainly hadn’t, but it’s hard to argue with success.

What struck me is his fervent suggestion not only to plan, but to believe in that plan.

I’m so reminded of all the goal setting instructions we find, mostly at the change of the year, but any time we want to look for them. There are SMART goals, free templates for SMART goals, as well as goal setting on this site. These and many others are perfectly fine articles on the subject.

But Picasso summed it up in two simple to understand, and difficult to do, methods that depend on each other.

Believe in the plan

He tells us we must believe in the plan we set. There’s no point in setting, for example, a goal of a best selling book, or earning six figures writing copy if you don’t truly believe it can happen.

My own experience tells me that the belief, in order to be real, must be driven by passion. If I have a passion for my art, for, in this case writing, and it’s backed by my writing from the heart, then the goal will reflect that.

I’m truly not motivated much just by X number of dollars. I can, however, get excited and passionate about writing about and around my personal values. When I couple that passion with wanting to make a prosperous living by writing in that way, I’m getting, I think, to what Picasso was talking about.

Hence my goal of getting a book written about money for creatives is starting to take shape. I just bought a domain name for it, and it’s part of my 5 minutes a day projects effort. So, again, is my blog on solving the world’s problems, WhenGrandmotherSpeaks.comI now have an active plan for getting this writing done on both projects and it’s working.

Take action

The artist couples the passion with the need to take action, vigorous action. It reminds me of this quote:

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

Tony Robbins

Each quote contains the seeds of the other, don’t they.

I attended and benefited from several of Robbins’ Fire Walking Workshops and can still hear his voice talking about “taking massive action.” Some might say it’s well anchored.

For a writer that massive action is, I think, two-fold. The first is the writing. As I have said more than once, nothing at all happens until we put our fingers on the keyboard and write. The other part is what we now call marketing. We let the world know about our writing, or at least that part of the world that is most likely to need and want what we write.

What’s your plan?

So, fellow writers, what’s your plan? I’m working on mine. In fact finding this quote and being reminded of the other are two of the “coincidences” that are coming because I am working on my plan, with both things in mind: the belief and the action. I doubt much can happen without both of these elements.

What’s your experience with planning from the heart in this way? (And as I write that question, I hear Woody Allen’s quote, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Sigh.)

Write well and often,




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