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The Friday Share What You’re Reading Experiment for Freelance Writers

share what your readingI don’t know how many times I’ve said, one way or another, that successful freelance writers read! And I’m not the only one saying this. Google the phrase, successful writers read, and there are well over 100 million (!) pages indexed.

It dawned on my yesterday it might be fun to share what we’re reading. I’ve started here, and  I thought I’d suggest you share what you’re reading in comments. (I’m open to going to regular posts but let’s start with comments – it’s simpler.)

I’m going to ask you to limit your share each week to two books. If you want to share using an affiliate link that means you’ll get a commission if someone buys from your link, that’s fine with me. I certainly intend to use them.

I, of course, reserve the right to edit your comment or delete it… if there’s an email address I’ll tell you why.

What I’m reading during the week of 6-5-2015

I’ve got more than two books going… I usually do, but these stand out in my mind at the moment.

Over Coming Under Earning by Barbara Stanny

Although I don’t like the way the book is written, I do find it incredibly helpful. I’m now reading it for the third time – working it through with a telephone partner I talk with each week.

Revolution by Russell Brand

Russell Brand is billed as a comedian – I think he’s at least part genius. He absolutely skewers much of what’s wrong in our world on his YouTube channel. I couldn’t resist this book when I saw it at the libary, and I’m loving it.

Okay, there you have it – the first experiment in sharing what you’re reading – by me. Add your two books for the week in comments and let’s see what happens.

Write (and read) well and often,




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