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Write, Rewrite and Market – The Real Secret of Freelance Writing

write, rewrite and marketIf you google freelance writing headlines, you’ll find all sorts of promises from a huge variety of websites, including this one if you dig deeply enough. You’ll also find truly helpful information, and you’ll find some that is frankly close to scam. It’s up to you to sort through and find the information freelance writing that’s both true and useful.

I’ve been doing this writing thing a long time now. Which doesn’t mean I know it all – not by a long shot. I’m constantly finding things that are either new to me, or remind me of lessons I learned long ago, or that cast a new slant on something.

My review of Jennifer Mattern’s ebook The 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers came about originally because I wanted to support her efforts. I was delighted to find so many things that informed or re-informed me that I could use in my own freelance writing business.

It also reminded me of what I call the three secrets of freelance writing: write, rewrite and market. I call them secrets both to attract attention and because they are so obvious it’s easy to overlook them.

It’s so tempting to look for some idea or some secret or some magic something that will make the process of successful freelance writing both automatic and easy.

Writing is where it starts

While it’s definitely hard to get worse at something you practice and over time writing will tend to get easier, it’s still got to be done. If we’re not at the computer or a legal pad or something actually putting down the words, nothing is happening. Oh sure, inspiration in the shower or while staring out the window does happen, but if we don’t capture that idea on paper or screen, we’re not writing. And if we’re not writing regularly we’re not going to find freelance writing success, however we define it.

Rewriting makes it work

I’m sure there is the occasional exception to the truth that every piece of writing needs to be rewritten. Rewriting, editing, rearranging, changing is actually part of the writing process. It can take more time than the actual first draft – in fact it often does, and sometimes significantly more time.

Marketing takes it to your audience

No matter how wonderful, helpful, inspiring or just plain interesting your writing is, it will never find its audience if it isn’t marketed. That marketing must be done, at least initially, by you, the writer. It’s you who’ve got to find the agent or send it to a magazine, or dig up the client who needs it or publish it on your blog. This needs, for most of us, to be done over and over again. It’s how the freelance writing game is played.

Which isn’t to say you should stop looking at books, articles and blogs about writing. There always is something new to learn in our business. Just make sure the bulk of your time is spent writing, rewriting and marketing. It is the real secret to freelance writing success.

Do you agree or disagree? Let’s talk about it in comments.

Write well and often,




Images: Write and Rewrite: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrsdkrebs/ Marketing: https://www.flickr.com/photos/archer10/

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