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Freelance Writers – Learn to Market yourself and Your Writing in 30 Days

marketing yourself and your writing Jenn Mattern, of AllIndieWriters, has written a wow of an ebook on marketing for freelance writers called The 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers. It’s a great guide about how to market yourself and your writing.

But before I tell you more, I have a confession to make. I promised to review this book for Jenn ages ago and promptly lost track of it.

Maybe because I’m considering some changes in the site and in the way I do business, the book flashed in my mind. To my amazement I found my copy right away, and I’m glad I did. The subtitle is Kick your freelance writing career into high gear in just one month. And she means it.

Day by day x 30

The book is divided into 30 chapters – one for each day of her boot camp. Oh sure, there’s an introduction which is worth a read because it clearly tells you how to use the book and that it’s aggressive because it’s aimed at new freelancers who don’t yet have a stable of clients. Although I don’t fall into the category of a new writer, I agree – it’s an aggressive agenda. For instance, she allows only a few days to get an ebook written. Frighteningly fast to some, but if you’re concentrating, it can be done.

To actually do the work outlined in the book in a month would mean you’d be busy, and making progress every day – weekends included. At the end of the month you’d have made huge and measurable progress on turning your dream of being a freelance writer into reality. Of course, as Jenn points out, you can do the book in 60 days by splitting the chapters, and I am approaching my new thinking by picking and choosing the chapters I want to work on.

I don’t recommend the pick and choose method until you’ve somehow gotten all 30 of the chapters under your belt however you do that.

The format

The format of the book is precise and efficient. Each day has a short introduction of the goal, then moves right into the background you need to understand what you’re working toward. This is followed by exercises. Sometimes there are lots of exercises for you to do, and sometimes not so many. At the end of each chapter you’ll read a brief sentence about what to expect the next day.

Well thought out

I was not surprised to find Jenn’s organization of the book outstanding. You can literally start from ground zero of your writing career and figure out everything from your target market through setting fees, getting your professional web site up, finding and reaching your network, writing and publishing an ebook or two (one as a giveaway, one to sell), creating and reviewing your platform plan.

The order makes total sense. In fact, I tried to think how I’d change it, and I couldn’t find a way I could justify.

As she makes it clear in her conclusion, this 30 day plan gives you the basic tools and practices you need not only to get started with successful freelance writing, but to continue it… for years if you like.

Jenn has thoughtfully provided a table of contents you can download at no cost, and the first nine pages, also at no cost. You can get both here, toward the bottom of the page.

The cost of this book is truly good news. It’s only $9.97. Where else can you spend $10 and really learn how to market yourself and your writing, or have a great resource and way to fine tune your efforts. You can buy it here.

Write well and often,




Cover image owned by Jenn Mattern and used with permission

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  • Thank you so much for reviewing the e-book Anne. I’m glad you liked the way it’s set up. 🙂

    Just so your readers don’t panic at the thought of writing an e-book (or two) in a few days, these are short. I promise. 🙂 They’re meant to be short .pdf guides, if someone prefers that term over “e-books.” One is meant to be a freebie to help you build your platform and email list. The other would be your first paid product to help you diversify income streams beyond only receiving client payments.

    Lori, my office has changed a tiny bit since you were last here. I now have 7 white boards. I added two larger ones and re-organized my “organization wall.” 😉
    Jenn Mattern recently posted..A Writers Worth Month Round-upMy Profile

  • Not surprised by Jenn’s organization, either. I’ve seen her white board in her office — puts my sticky notes to shame. 🙂

    Nice review, Anne!
    Lori recently posted..Doing Your HomeworkMy Profile

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