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25 Ways Freelance Writers Can Make Money Writing

make money writingFreelance writers and those wondering about becoming freelance writers want to know how they can make money writing. There are a surprising number of ways you can make money writing.

Here are 25, each with a brief description, and in no particular order:

Professional website

This is the website about you as a writer where you offer your services to people who will pay you. These days it’s an absolute requirement.


If you’ve got a hobby or anything you love to write about you may be able to turn it into a money making blog.

Write books – fiction or non or both

Books can make money – and they are a huge achievement

Write ebooks

Ebooks can also make you money.

Give online courses – live and recorded

I give courses – they are hard work, fun and sometimes profitable. Here’s one.


I also coach – no reason really you can’t do the same thing.

Articles for blogs

Check out Jenn Mattern’s 38 Websites and Blogs That Pay Writers $100 Per Article and More (Updated for 2015)

Articles for consumer magazines

Writers Market is the place to start for consumer magazine writing. Also helpful for writing books as well.

Articles for trade magazines

Trade magazines can pay well and be easier to break into.


Digital photos can help you sell articles and you can also find places to sell just photos. Plus there are copyright-free photos you can use.


Wanna Learn Copywriting? A book review and a great place to start this highly lucrative type of writing

Articles written with SEO in mind

Search Engine Optimization means just that – writing with Google in mind. It’s an ever-changing field.

Ghostwriting articles

Ghostwriting articles is about ghosting for trade magazines… but the principles apply anywhere.

Ghostwriting books

11 Must Answer Questions About Ghostwriting is a good place to start.

Writing speeches

If you can learn to write speeches you’ve got a well paying niche. Toastmasters can teach you how to write and speak a speech.

Marcom writing

Marcom stands for marketing communications – and the use of the term is fading. But writing about marketing and doing marketing writing can pay quite well. More often known these days as corporate writing I think.

Letter writing

Businesses often need sales and other letters – all part of corporate communications. Start in this field with Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Writer.

Resume writing

You can write resumes for individuals – or for companies that specialize. And when writing your own this may help.

Greeting cards

If you love greeting cards, why not make some money writing them?


Reprints of articles you’ve already done can make you additional money.


Reviews of books, software, almost any product will earn you money if you do them well.


There are at least four kinds or types of editing and it’s possible to make money with all of them.

Obituary writing

Your best bet for getting started in this field is probably your own local newspaper.

News writing aka journalism

Journalism is changing rapidly – blogging news is more and more popular, and new papers are on the decline. Learning what journalism schools have to teach is great, so is just starting your own blog or writing for a local weekly.

Wikipedia articles

Writing and editing for Wikipedia is often a labor of love… and it’s way harder than it looks. Try their instructions and stand by for harsh criticism – and yes, you can get paid for it once you understand who it works.

Whew – this took much longer to write than I expected. I’ll be writing in detail about most of these as the weeks pass – sign up for the free newsletter so you don’t miss one and get a free ebook as a thank you gift.

What have I left out? Let me know in comments.

Write well and often,






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  • Patricia del Valle

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you so much.
    Great list … with resources I have not found elsewhere.

    Excellent newsletter too.

    Much continued success to you.

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