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15 Guilty Pleasures For Freelance Writers

frog coffeeFreelance writing can be pretty demanding. Most of us tend to work hard at our chosen career. Because we aren’t distracted by folks in the office, office politics and office gossip, we often put in more concentrated hours that folks with typical jobs.

In fact, we tend to be the kind of boss that demands a great deal.

One way I give myself space and time to recharge is through what I call “I almost feel guilty about these pleasures.” This is unofficial time off – time that I sneak for me.

I suspect feeling almost guilty about each of these adds to my enjoyment. Here are my current 15 guilty pleasures:

  1. A full day off to read a mystery – a whole Thursday works wonders for me.
  2. Boutique coffee at home – the only way I can justify the expense is simply “I want it.” My current favorite is Turkish coffee from Cafe Moto. Yes, the do mail order.
  3. Chocolate – dark chocolate with as much cocoa as I can find. One square at a time.
  4. Extra time for my own writing – I have projects… just like all writers
  5. An afternoon with Netflix – Currently I’m into the Property Brothers and Murder She Wrote.
  6. Coffee and cake with a fellow writer – to talk writing of course.
  7. Coffee and cake with a non writing friend – to talk about anything BUT writing of course.
  8. A stolen hour in a thrift store with a $20 bill – need I say more?
  9. A regular volunteer gig – in the middle of the day.
  10. Buying a dog to get away from the computer – I’ve been tempted, but I’ve refrained so far.
  11. A stolen hour with 21-year-old granddaughter talking writing – at a family dinner and it was lovely!
  12. Postponing the dishes to read – reading is a theme of mine.
  13. Naps – naps are often an excuse to read.
  14. Rescue cats – I now have two rescue cats, Toulouse and Dudley. We’ve lived together not quite 90 days and adult cats are sure different than kittens. Would have more if I thought I could work it out.
  15. Train trips – I just love riding on trains!

Now, what are your guilty pleasures? Share them with us in comments.

Write well and often,





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  • well written each point and post is awesome

  • +1 for buying a dog! This is my #1 freelancing tip 🙂

  • Knitting. And reading. And napping. Netflix (I’m rewatching M*A*S*H) Oh and trips to the library that have nothing to do with work or research.

  • My breaks from writing are more like “darn things I gotta do today,” so I may as well do them between writing projects: wash dishes, pick up and read the mail, check the car’s oil, water the yard, things like that.

    • lol – me too, but I don’t call checking the oil etc. a guilty pleasure… just feel guilty when I don’t do it, and scared I’ll break the car.

  • Love these Anne, number 13 and number 14 are two of my favourite guilty pleasures.

    Another one of mine is taking a sneaky day off to go for lunch and to the cinema with my mom. We had a bit of a bump in the road relationship-wise when I was in my twenties, but I really appreciate her and our regular girlie days.
    Emily Fowler recently posted..Starting a Pet Business – Daydream or Achievable Reality?My Profile

    • So glad you and your mom have restored your relationship. I’ve been on the mom side of things and… well, we’ve made up too.

  • Ooo, great list! Love Murder She Wrote 🙂

    I like going to a local museum every couple of months and spending a few hours checking out the new exhibits, then relaxing in the cafe. Going to museums alone is the best, because I don’t feel rushed. I can stare at a painting as long as I like, or skip over a whole exhibit if it doesn’t appeal to me 🙂
    KeriLynn Engel recently posted..How to Create an Effective Blog Style GuideMy Profile

    • Yeah, solo often works best for me too… with a couple of exceptions… those friends who don’t mind waiting… it is fun sometimes to share thoughts about paintings, etc.

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