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3 Kinds of Freelance Writing Marketing Secrets

secret2Who knows how often it’s been said but it’s true – marketing is the key to success in freelance writing.

I’m often contacted by folks hoping for freelance writing marketing secrets, and while I doubt there are any marketing tips that are truly secret, I suspect there is information that is not quite obvious

I was thinking about marketing today and I realized that it tends to divide up into three categories or types.

The first is marketing that you do only once or almost only once.

Then there’s what I call the Big Push.

Finally, there’s marketing we do on a regular basis, maybe even daily.

Here’s what I mean:

Do-only-once-marketing (almost)

By Do-only-once-marketing, I’m talking about those things we do for marketing the last for months, even years.

Your website is a good example of a Do-only-once-marketing, so your business cards and letterhead.

Obviously, over your lifetime of freelance writing you’ll do each of these more than once. But they don’t come up very often, which doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

If you’re serious about your writing career you must have a professional website, you need business cards and letterhead is a really is is is really nice to have.

None of these needs to be extremely expensive and in fact even websites can be done for roughly $500, or even less if you’re willing to learn how to do it yourself. Companies like Vista print and moo.com make business cards cheap and easy. And letterhead you can do yourself using free graphics from creative Commons. I keep a blank letterhead on file on my computer; I don’t use it often but it’s great when I needed.

Big Push marketing

Big push marketing is in my opinion, what happens when we offer anything new or special. For example, I recently offered a webinar or class series and a whole bunch of marketing went into that. I’ve watched Jenn Mattern at all in the writers market e-books recently with what I would call a big push.

A Christmas or end of the year mailing to clients might be a big push marketing technique, starting to offer a newsletter might qualify for continuing to offer it probably falls under what I’m labeling every day marketing.

A series of press releases could well be all or part of a Big Push promotion.

Big Pushes take a lot of energy and they don’t happen all the time. They can be great money raisers and they can result in multiple new clients.

Every day marketing

What I’m calling every day marketing might be those things you do on a daily basis. Lori Widmer has a book about marketing 365 days a year, so it can be done. More likely, however what I’m really talking about is marketing you do routinely.

As mentioned above starting a newsletter might be a big push, keeping it going becomes routine. Keeping business cards in your pocket or pocketbook and handing them out is pretty much an every day marketing activity. So is returning phone calls, and answering email. Having a signature on your eat on every email with your website a repeat of your email address and your phone number is another example of every day marketing. Ideally it will be on every single email you send.

Every day marketing tends to be less interesting perhaps, but it is the consistency of marketing that get you results.

Over the next few posts I’ll talk in detail about each of these.

What have I left out that you’d like to see me address here? Tell me about it in comments.

Join the Effortless, elegant, easy, without selling out, marketing for freelance writers list.

Write (and market) well,





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  • Great post Anne! I have recently tried to concentrate on the “everyday marketing” tactic that you mention. I try to do a bit of marketing daily or weekly and hope to get some results. I think that for now sending letters of introduction to sites and organizations will be my first priority as a marketing method. As you mention in your post “it is the consistency of marketing that gets you results”.

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