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Create a Vision for Your Freelance Writing Business

create a vision for your freelance writing businessAs the new year approaches, many writers, myself included, want to set goals for our freelance writing business. A better approach is to first create a vision for your freelance writing business.

Visioning is a way to invite your intuition (even spirit) to inform you about what you really want, and how you want to contribute to the world.

Properly done, and it’s hard to do it wrong, Visioning will help you listen deeply to yourself because it gives you permission, even insists, that you pay attention to what many call the ‘still small voice.’

You can do a Visioning by yourself

Ofen, Visionings are done with other people and a leader. I’ve led many such sessions myself.

I’ve also been quite successful at doing a Visioning all by myself, for myself. The experience is different, but it seems to work just about as well.

Visioning steps

Prepare yourself by printing the questions here – just make a copy of them. I don’t have a lock or copyright on these so have at them.

Find a time when you can get quite – phone off, clear off unless you’re a doctor or a chaplain or some other person who simply must respond. Outside is good if you’re comfortable. Inside with a cup of coffee also works. Have pencil and paper ready. A notebook is great. Paper and pen or pencil is more effective than doing this on your computer… you’ll see why shortly. Quiet is the key.

You’ll ask these questions of yourself three times. The first time just sit with the question for a moment or two and let whatever comes up come up. Don’t make any particular effort to remember it, just notice it.

The second time through ask yourself each question, sit with it for a moment, notice what comes up and with your paper and pen capture the essence of what occurred to you.

You might, for example, think of someone you love, or a difficult situation, or remember a song, or a fragrance, or want to draw something (which is why you want paper and pencil – no one but you will see the drawing so don’t worry about how it looks.)

The third time reread the question and look at your written or drawn response. If it feels right, move on; if it needs some adjustment do so.

By the way, if nothing comes up for a particular question, that’s just fine… notice that too.

When you’ve finished going through the questions for the third time you’ll have a better understanding of what you want to bring to your writing business and what you want from it.

The Visioning questions

These are the questions I use for myself and others when I want to Vision my writing business… feel free to change them to suit your situation.

  1. What is my highest vision or perfect idea for my writing business? 
  2. What ideas, thoughts and behaviors must I use (what must I become) to empower this vision? 
  3. What ideas, thoughts and behaviors must I let go of or release to empower this vision? 
  4. What must I embrace to empower this vision? 
  5. What is my specific roll in this vision?
  6. Who else will be involved in the unfolding of this vision? 
  7. How will I grow, deepen and expand as this Vision unfolds? 
  8. Is there any other information I need in this moment?

Work on goals after your Visioning

Now you’re in a super great place to work on your goals for your freelance writing business.

Not so by the way,  I was introduced to Visioning. Developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

Let me know how this works for you.

Write well and often,






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  • glad you liked it, Helene… yeah, it’s often a surprise even tho’ I’ve now done it often, and not just for my writing business… works for books, projects, etc.

  • Thanks Anne! This exercise was quite helpful. I knew it would be but it turned out to be much more revealing than I expected. I surprised myself with what I came up with and am excited about the new focus I have established. So once again, thank you!

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