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108 Things This Freelance Writer is Grateful for in 2014

gratitudeWhen Rev. Guy Williams challenged a class I was in to write down 100 things we were grateful for every day I had no idea that challenge would also kick off an annual posting from me.

It became 108 things to list simply because I found it much easier to count using beads than on my fingers! I used and still use a Buddhist mala or rosary and that’s the number of beats it has.

And all of a sudden it’s Thanksgiving 2014! Seems like summer was yesterday!

Here’s this year’s list:

  1. MzTiz, my beloved 20 year old tabby cat who passed away yesterday.
  2. Cats in general
  3. That I work at home
  4. That I live at the Sweetwater Zen Center
  5. Community, including the kids
  6. Ellie
  7. Cait
  8. Carol
  9. Ando
  10. Doshin
  11. Kozan
  12. Seisen
  13. Peter
  14. Jimmy
  15. Kelli
  16. Chris
  17. Linda
  18. Mike
  19. Steve
  20. Emily
  21. Ben
  22. Cole
  23. Valerie
  24. Stacey
  25. Gloria
  26. Chris
  27. My ’91 Honda
  28. PayPal
  29. AboutFreelanceWriting
  30. The web
  31. The ‘net
  32. Libraries
  33. Barbara
  34. Roads
  35. Electricity
  36. Gas heat
  37. Gas cooking
  38. Hot water!
  39. Showers
  40. Bath tubs
  41. Computers
  42. Dragon Speaks
  43. My writing forum
  44. Cathy
  45. Lori
  46. Sharon
  47. Jenn
  48. David
  49. Cleo a zen center cat
  50. Clark a zen center cat
  51. Jitsujo
  52. the fountain
  53. the Kwan Yin garden and stature
  54. My office
  55. Books!
  56. Magazines
  57. That I’m white
  58. That I live in the US (mostly)
  59. That I grieve for what we’ve done and are doing to our planet
  60. Navy blue starfish
  61. Sea snakes
  62. Elephants
  63. Wild salmon
  64. The Pacific
  65. The South Pacific
  66. Fiji
  67. Tonga
  68. Sail boats
  69. Boats
  70. Galilee Harbor
  71. My mom
  72. My dad
  73. My grandparents on both sides
  74. Joanna Macy
  75. Rev. Guy Williams
  76. Good, no great coffee (Cafe Moto)’
  77. My clients!
  78. A warm bed
  79. A good mystery
  80. Dogs
  81. Horses
  82. Goats
  83. Goat cheese
  84. Organic food
  85. Grass fed beef
  86. Eggs
  87. Chickens
  88. Pigs
  89. Bacon
  90. Green onions
  91. Garlic
  92. Butter!
  93. Organic sour cream!
  94. Thanksgiving
  95. Christmas
  96. Birthdays – even mine
  97. Wireless
  98. Trains
  99. Hawks
  100. Finches
  101. Crows
  102. Parrots
  103. Seagulls
  104. Shore birds of all types
  105. Great Blue Heron
  106. Night feeding Heron
  107. Seaweed
  108. Sand crabs
  109. My readers – that’s YOU!

Oh my… I never know what I’m going to list when I start. Since I’ve been doing this practice from time-to-time, it’s gotten much easier.

Write well and often,





Photo by Jim Ryder

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  • Hi Anne,

    Just wanted to also express my condolences for MizTiz. I know she was a very well loved companion. Sending you lots of love.

    Karen DeBolt recently posted..Love Languages: TouchMy Profile

  • It’s possible to be a full-time freelance writer earning a living, or to be a part-time freelancer supplementing a regular income.
    John recently posted..What is hydrolysis?My Profile

  • jorgekafkazar

    Sorry about your kitty-cat, Anne. It’s sad to lose a pet. They leave a hole in our world.
    I’m thankful that you’re on the planet.
    Is Galilee Harbor still there?

  • janice

    Thank you Anne for your list! I’m sorry for the loss of your cat MzTiz. You are very generous and I’m grateful to receive from you. I’m glad I got to be one of your clients this year. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • Your annual tradition has become mine, Anne. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Thanksgiving Thanks ContinuesMy Profile

    • I so love that you now do your own list every year, Cathy… hugs and love.

  • This is a beautiful list and a beautiful exercise, one that I am going to adopt. I’m sorry for the loss of your MsTiz. As a fellow cat lover, I empathize with you and hope that you find solace in the knowledge that you gave your beloved MzTiz a wonderful life. Have a happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all of your informative and inspiring posts. Best, Melody Lesser

    • Kind words like yours are truly appreciated, Melody… yes, MzTiz and I gave each other something special every day.

  • Great list, Anne. I think being grateful is so important.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..A Tale of a Dead Computer and Resurrected WritingMy Profile

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