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Freelance Writer Business Education Costs

freelance writing business education costsI’ve been trying to figure out how freelance writers learn the business side of writing. I did a bunch of googling and came up with not much. Here’s what I found:

  • According to GetEducated.com, an online business degree could cost you between $15,000 and $60,000 depending on where you take it – but you don’t need an online business degree to manage the business side of your writing.
  •  The University of Toronto offers The Freelance Writing Business over a 3 month period with these outcomes: Appreciation of the freelance writing craft, including story development, research, writing and self-editing; Understanding of the basic steps to setting up a successful freelance writing business, including marketing, queries, relationships with publications and the editing and production process; Understanding of the professional associations that support freelance writers; Understanding of the tax incentives and tax consequences of freelance writing.

Their cost is $625-649 with no college credit offered. It seems like an odd mix and the tax info would only work, I assume, for Canadians only.

  • Christie Aschwanden held a 3 day workshop this year that covered most of the business basics for writers – in Colorado. Cost was $750 for everything except the transportation to Colorado. No indication if it will be offered again.

There are many many online and offline courses and classes that will teach you about all sorts of writing, from romance to article writing and everything in between. These range from no-cost to, well thousands if you go for college/university credits.

Roughly in the middle is,  Copybloger’s now-closed certification course about writing copy – it did cost $389 and required a year’s commitment. A wonderful course, but not, apparently, about the business side of writing. I’m not sure because I haven’t taken it.

AWAI both offers and reviews copywriting and other writing courses with a variety of price points

Not much business acumen offered it seems.

Business knowledge is key to profit

I was surprised by the poor results to my search – and I’m sure I missed a few. Maybe I shouldn’t have been amazed. I certainly had to struggle to figure the business side out, and I wasn’t really profitable until I did.

As I’ve written articles and ebooks on the subject of what freelance writers really need to know about business I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback. Maybe the day will come when solid and appropriate business information will come right along with a Masters in Fine Arts with a focus on writing. Maybe others will begin to fill in the gap and someday we’ll see offerings at our local community college for the business side of freelance writing.

However it happens in the future, today freelance writer business education costs seem to be trial and error.

There’s still time sign up for early notice about the Freelance Writing Business Solutions CourseYou might be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Good luck with the course, Anne. I shared for you; I will, again.

    As for me- Right now, I’m taking a short course on fiction writing: short stories. Interesting and actionable, glad to have found it. I also took up a MOOC about Copyright in the summer, good stuff to know.

    I’m doing some freelance translating as usual; plus, preparing an entry to a translation contest. I’m also writing a non-fiction about the Odyssey, and I’m working out a Modern Greek language course based on Greek myths and storytelling.

    My biz dream is to have a creative team and to manage/assign, esp. the techie stuff. And the accounting, LoL

    • thanks for spreading the word… yes, tech and accounting… I’d rather leave those to others.

  • Changing my mentality from a job as an employee to a job as a freelancer and learning all about the business side of freelance writing has been a great challenge for me. I guess trial and error is the way most freelancers follow. I also believe it’s important for everyone to pick the marketing strategy they feel more comfortable with and move gradually from there until they learn more about the business of freelancing (at least this is what I am trying to do). Thanks for the great post!
    Manolis Athanasiadis recently posted..What is the environmental benefit from carbon sequestration?My Profile

    • Marketing is key – so are learning to handle money well and some other things.

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