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The Fourth Secret of Freelance Writing

secret of freelance writingFor years I said there are three secrets to successful freelance writing.

I was wrong. There are four secrets to being a successful freelance writer.

The initial three secrets were and still are:

  • Write
  • Rewrite
  • Market

What I have left out all these years is the secret that I’m calling the business of freelance writing.

Oh, for sure, a good deal of business is handled in marketing. Or you could say marketing is a major part of business. But it’s not all there is to the writing business.

It’s not that I haven’t learned how to do business over the years, it’s that it’s only recently I’ve recognize how difficult doing business can be for many freelance writers. I’m here to tell you now however, if you want to be a successful freelance writer you’ll need to handle the business side of your writing.

In fact, it was only last month or early this morning that I recognized learning to do business around my freelance writing was one of the secrets of success.

So I revised the free book that comes with the newsletter to include the fourth secret of successful freelance writing – is just click the newsletter tab above to get your copy – and instead of talking about the three secrets of successful freelance writing I’m now talking about the four secrets.

Business doesn’t have to be hard

Fortunately, doing business doesn’t have to be difficult.

The marketing you’re doing now is part of doing business.

So is keeping track of your numbers, that is the money that is coming in and going out of your business. This also means, tracking your hours if you’re charging by the hour, keeping receipts for business expenses, invoicing clients promptly and re-invoicing them with a late fee when they are late paying you.

You need to give some attention to customer service. That means being nice your customers without giving away your profit or your time or even a little bit of your sanity. Customer service is by and large treating your clients the way you’d like to be treated as long as you set firm boundaries.

Learning about business

You can learn the fourth secret of freelance writing – what you need to know about business – from my downloadable book Freelance Writing Business Solutions and from my upcoming course The Freelance Writing Business Solutions Course – sign up for early notice of this event. There are also all sorts of information on on the web almost too much in fact.

Now you know the fourth secret of freelance writing. I’m sort of amazed that it took me this long to add it to the other three. I’m almost tempted to apologize.

How have you found taking care of the business of freelance writing going for you?

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer
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  • Actually, I use a fabulous electronic cloud accounting service at http://www.Freshbooks.com that is an excellent way to keep track of cash flow, time spent, expenses, etc. It even has a timer so you can figure out how much $ you are really making.

  • Awesome, just signed up for early notice of your Freelance Writing Business Solutions Course! What really gets me is the accounting- I need to figure out a simple way to project cash flow & all that. I’d also love to learn more about putting together convincing proposals.

    • KeriLynn… course isn’t ready yet… next week I’ll do a post on how I project cash flow… it’s pretty simple… it also helps me know how much or how little work I can add.

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