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Jumping Into Jon Bard’s Kindle Kids Mastery Course


In the post, Secret Freelance Writing DreamsI talked about a dream of mine to write about cats in some sort of kids book. I’d gotten intrigued with Jon Bard’s Kindle Kids Mastery Course.

Since Amazon has made a huge commitment to ebooks for kids with their  Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition and the free(!) software to create heavily illustrated ebooks it seemed the perfect time for me to widen my horizons.

Today I jumped into the course. I’m impressed.

The first thing I noticed is that most of the video modules also have a .pdf transcript. I am not one who learns easily by video – I want to be able to go back and forth in a way that only text allows me. That said, the videos are nicely done and so far pretty short.

The instructions work

More importantly than my personal preferences, the lessons work, or they will if I absorb and follow them. How do I know? Because I’m a writer and even though I’ve never written a book for children, I do know what it takes to get a book of any sort written. 

The class starts right out with the things I need to know to plan this book. That includes references to your target audience. Although they don’t call for an ideal reader, it’s not hard to infer that.

If I hadn’t known Jon and his wife’s work before as consummate professionals in the field of books for children, I’d begin to recognize it right from the first lesson.

Mind expanding

I also love that even though this course is written for people who want to write illustrated ebooks for children, Jon and his wife Laura are aware this software is a great way to get any heavily illustrated book into a Kindle format.

Sure, they’re focused on providing me the information and resources I need to do a kid’s books, but I wasn’t very far into the first module when I realized I may also be able to use the course and the software to get the family story I’ve been writing into an ebook form.

That family story has ended up including all sorts of illustrations of one sort or another. Some are in color and I know printing color illustrations is complicated and expensive. I suspect I’ll be using the Kindle Kids Mastery Course to whip the family story into shape – maybe even for publication, who knows!


Most writers have some sense of how to find and/or hire illustrators and/or pictures they can either buy to use. We also tend to know a fair number of free resources for photos.

This course puts my knowledge of illustration to shame. Of course, I haven’t needed the kinds of pictures needed for kids books before now. It’s nice to know how to approach this since my drawing is, well, somewhat lacking.

Okay, that brings you up to date on my venture into illustrated books for kids and others… just let me remind you that while Kindle Kids Mastery Course is available at it’s discounted launch price right now, I don’t know how long that will last. You may want to take advantage of it now.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer





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