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Secret Freelance Writing Dreams

secret freelance writing dreamsI’ll bet you, like me, have one or two secret freelance writing dreams. Maybe it’s to write and publish a novel – you may have worked on one or more through National Novel Writing Month (which starts Nov. 1, not so by the way).

I’ve always had a secret writing dream to write a detective story with a powerful female lead. Several years ago I thought I had let go of that notion when I said I wanted to have already written it – but the dream keeps surfacing – if only I could learn to plot!

I also break out in occasional limericks and shot Buddhist poems called gathas.

Other writers want to write serious poetry that rhymes or doesn’t. Some want to write scripts and screenplays, or maybe a documentary that helps change the world. The idea of writing a literary novel, or science fiction, or romance appeals to many.

Cats and kids

You may also know that I’m nuts about cats. The only reason I have just one is Mz Tiz, who will be 20 – yes, 20 – next month insists on being the only cat in the house.

I noodle around on the computer trying to capture some of what I experience with and around cats. The penny dropped not too long ago when I was telling my younger grandkids about some of Mz Tiz’s antics.

Maybe, I thought, I could write a book for children!

What I’ve been lacking is time and some motivation.

Actually, I’ve had kids books in mind for a long time. I’ve been a member of Jon Bard’s Children’s Book Insider for several years now.

Amazon’s commitment to kids

Exactly a week ago Jon pointed to Amazon’s Kindle for Kids, actually called the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition. Which is fine as far as it goes.

What’s extraordinary is that Amazon has also developed a free software package to help writers develop children’s books.  The way Jon put it in his newsletter is:

the world’s largest bookseller is sending children’s book authors a clear message:

We’re in this to stay.  And we need content.

Sometimes I need a shift in attitude

I found this mildly interesting and made a mental note to keep it in mind. You see, I’ve been mostly baffled by getting my ebooks into the Kindle format.

Learning the software to do it right hasn’t been a high priority for me even though I know there’s a potential profit stream there. I wasn’t sure I was ready.

Fortunately I read the whole email because Jon and his wife, Laura Backes Bard also announced the launch of their Kindle Kids Mastery video course.

This may be exactly what I need to finally take some action on writing a kids books. It seems like the course covers everything from concept, through the writing and illustration and even the marketing – and it’s even being sold at a special, launch price although I don’t know how long that will last.

I’m going to get it – join me in the fun and let’s see what we can do.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer




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