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I Don’t Want To Write On Fridays!

I don't want to write on fridays

Do you ever hear yourself saying “I don’t want to write on Fridays”?

Or maybe it’s some other day of the week you don’t want to write.

It might even be “I don’t want to write weekends!”

What if you said “I don’t want to write at all for a whole week!”?

Or maybe, (gasp) for a whole month?

What do you tell yourself when you think something like this?

Do you start to worry you’re becoming a procrastinator?

Do you wonder if this is the beginning of writer’s block?

Do you find some other way to make yourself wrong?


Do you say to yourself, “Hmmm. That sounds like a heck of a good idea,” and ask yourself, “how can I make that happen?”

Of course, only you know if you’re procrastinating or if you’d really enjoy and probably benefit from working only four days a week, or taking serious time off.

You’re the expert on your own life

Probably the biggest reason people come back to me for more coaching is not just because I’ve been writing for a long time and have a ton of real world experience. I think it’s also because I totally know that you are the expert on your own life.

I trust you to know what’s right for you, at least most of the time.

More than that, I trust you to admit it if you make a mistake, and learn from that as you let it go and move on.

I don’t believe the only way to writing success is X number of words a day, or a promise to write every day of the week, or any other formula. Formulas can be tools that are effective some of the time. But they are only tools, and like all tools they can be misused.

If you want some time off…

If you want some time off, figure out how to honor that desire and take it.

One of the reasons we’re freelancers is so we can control our time – and that includes our time off.

I don’t know about you, but when I say “I don’t want to write on Fridays” it’s a sign of sanity and honest self-care.

Write well, and often, but not too often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer



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