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Getting Answers To Your Freelance Writing Business Questions

freelance writing business questionsOne of the tricks to success is getting answers to your freelance writing business questions.

No, you’re not supposed to know it all when you start, or later on either. Focusing on your writing and developing that is, quite naturally, your first priority.

But you’ve also got to handle the ‘business side’ reasonably well which means for most of us a whole bunch of questions about your freelance writing business.

First of all, remember you don’t have to become a business expert all at once. It’s a learnable skill, you simply have to be willing to master it bit by bit

Who can you ask about your Freelance Business Writing Questions?

There are so many ways to get solutions to your freelance business writing questions today.

Google your question

I’m constantly blown away by how much information I can find on almost any subject through Google. For example, I just asked: What is the federal self employment tax rate? The first organic (below the ads) response is the right page on the IRS site followed by lots of other links to the same information given in many different ways.

The same is true when I ask about my state self-employment taxes. Be sure you’ve asked your question in a way that will give you the right information.

For example, although I often tell people I’m in San Diego, I’m actually 10 miles south, in National City, which has different business license requirements.

Google will also lead you to the right agency if you need to talk with a live person.

Other writers

Other writers often have the answer you want and need. Asking about approaches to marketing, client management, tech resources, finding skilled support people like transcribers and copy editors usually leads to good answers, often right in your locale. Besides, it’s almost always fun to get to know other writers who are in the same general business as you are.

Trusted writing forum

If you belong to a writing forum you trust, you can ask there. I have one at AboutWritingSquared. It’s obviously the one I like best, and sometimes I’m astounded at the professional and fun information I get there. There are other good ones around as well. Just be careful about too much personal info on a forum until you really get to be comfortable.

Your bank or credit union

When your question has to do with your money, calling your bank or credit union and asking can be a big help. It can also make sense to set up an appointment with a bank manager and sit down with them face-to-face. Financial institutions have some real business experts who can help you with your freelance writing business questions.


SCORE is a non profit that offers mentors – mostly retired folks who’ve had a ton of experience in business, who can provide you with the business information you need. Most of their services are free or very low cost. Although not in every area, they have some information and things like templates on their site. I’ve used their mentors a couple of times and found them truly knowledgeable and helpful.

Tax experts

If you have someone prepare your taxes they are often able to help you with freelance writing business questions. It’s one of the reasons I think it’s worth paying someone to do my taxes. Not everyone agrees. If you use a bookkeeper, they will probably be able to answer certain business questions.

A business coach

It can be more than worth it to hire a business and/or marketing coach. They can help you with everything from setting goals to implementing them. Just be sure they are familiar with the business end of freelance writing. Ask for references and check them. I have a business coach – email me for his information.

Don’t be afraid to ask freelance writing business questions

The take-away here is really to strongly suggest you not be afraid to ask whatever questions you have about setting up and running your freelance writing business. Heck, if you are afraid, or feel you’ll look stupid, ask anyway. Not everything we do in life is comfortable, but this is one that you will get more comfortable at as you ask and get answers to your questions.

What’s your biggest freelance writing business question? Ask it in comments and I’ll see what I can do.

You can get many of the answers in my special solutions seriesIt’s free, but you do have to sign up for it.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer





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