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5 Top Ways To Get Good Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

hunt for writing jobsFinding good paying freelance writing jobs is part of the challenge of profitable freelance writing is to keep the assignments coming in.

That means both marketing yourself and being savvy about finding the best paying gigs on a regular basis.

Exactly how you hunt for good paying writing jobs will depend somewhat on your experience and your niche or niches.

For example, if you don’t have your website up with your own domain name that should probably be first.

Obviously, if you haven’t gotten any gigs yet, you won’t be able to ask for referrals from clients. (Although you could ask friends and family for leads, and certainly from anyone or organization you’ve written for free for.)

No matter, here are the five best ways to find and get good paying freelance freelance writing jobs:

Your own website – a freelance writer simply must have their own website to get good paying freelance writing jobs – you can do it yourself easily enough and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The sooner you get it up the quicker clients can find you on the ‘net. And find you they will – not all the time, but often enough to make it well worth your while. Job boards – Okay, some writing pros eschew job boards. I understand. I, however make it a practice to look at my local craigslist’s writing gigs every day – it takes maybe 5 minutes most days, but year after year I’ve gotten two, three, or four good paying writing jobs from there.

Once a week I run through a selected list of job boards – you’ll find my favorites up there on the menu, where it says, surprisingly, Jobs. I apply sparingly, but when I find a gig that seems to suit me, I apply thoroughly – I probably land six to twelve jobs a year that way.

Cold calling – Admittedly I don’t do this much any more – but last year when I hit a dry spell, I got back on the phone and shortly landed a gig that’s still paying me regularly – almost a year now, and I’ve kept that client even though I upped my rate two months ago. It may help to remember that these calls are business-to-business, and the places you call need writing.

Referrals – Referrals are golden, and you get them from satisfied clients by asking. It really can be that simple. And you can ask more than once… maybe a couple of times a year, depending on the client and your relationship.

Repeat Business – When a client loves your work, they will keep sending your writing business. This is probably the very best way to get good paying freelance writing jobs. Right now I’ve got four clients who send me business pretty regularly, and a double handful of other folks who occasionally use me for writing.

There’s only one potential problem and that’s if you’ve got a single client that is providing all or almost all the work you need. The risk is when that client moves on, and they will, you’re starting from scratch again.

Keep up at least some of your marketing and add at least small jobs every now and again so you’ll be better prepared when the inevitable happens. 3 Things Freelance Writer Must Know About Online Writing may also help.

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  • The advice about not relying on one client too much is really important. It’s too easy to think they’ll always be there and then when they’re not, pull your hair out.

    Great peice, thank you!
    Stacey recently posted..Put your loved ones at ease about your travel plansMy Profile

  • Great post Anne. I’m especially a fan of using your website to bring in leads and getting referral gigs.

    When you’re new, sometimes referrals are harder to come by simply because you don’t have a huge base of past clients. One thing that worked well for me early in my freelance career was to offer existing clients some kind of bonus for each referral they sent which ended up in an active contract. For example, you might offer them a 10-20% discount on their own next order (which encourages repeat business), or you might offer a free report that would be of interest to your clients.
    Jenn Mattern recently posted..Reader Questions: Business Growth, Time Management, and MoreMy Profile

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