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Writers – How Do You Love Yourself?

Over and over again I see that writers with poor self-worth struggle and even fail, despite their outstanding ability to write and their sincere desire to become a freelance writer.

I’ve written about this self-worth issue more than once; you’ll find some additional links below. This video, by Ashley Wylde, however, may be the most powerful yet in helping folks improve the way they see and think about themselves:

I found this video at Upworthy – a site worth following I think.

Not so by the way, Wylde is a bloggervlogger,rapper, and of course, a poet.

Now, here are three of the other articles I’ve done on self-worth:

  1. Writers, Money, Pricing And Self-Worth — About Freelance Writing
  2. 6 Ways You Can Accept Responsibility For Your Own Self-Worth As a Writer
  3. 1 Powerful Way Writers (& Others) Can Improve Their Self-Worth and Make More Money

Your turn: What’s been your experience with learning to if not love yourself, at least like yourself better? What was the impact on your writing and writing career?


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