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Hate the Look of WordPress 3.8 Admin? You’re Not Alone! & There’s a Plugin!

changeOkay, I know change is constant… that’s part of what zen is all about, learning to flex and respond rather than react.

This and my other blogs are built on a WordPress platform – I’ve used it for years (geeze, that’s true… time does fly as they say). I’ve upgraded when asked and generally all has been well.

This time, however, the powers that be at WordPress decided the administration area needed a whole new look!

I hate it.

Nothing is where I expect it to be… oh that’s not true, but the window I write in feels different. The menu bar on the left is black with white type… why? I have no idea. Is that supposed to be cool? It’s distracting to me.

Apparently I’m not the only one who is unhappy. I googled I hate wordpress 3.8 and it wasn’t long before I found a plugin that restores the look and feel of the admin page – it’s called wp-admin classicI downloaded it from new on my plugin page.

Of course, if you don’t have a WP blog none of this matters to you in the least.

A Takeaway for All Writers

The the trick that’s really worth noting is how I found the plugin – I googled a natural English phrase. Google is getting better and better at responding well to natural or normal English. Freelance writers particularly will find it worth at least trying a phrase when you’re doing research.

How do you handle search queries? Do you use any search engine but google? Which ones?


And if this was helpful, share it with your network.


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