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Writing Blogs and Web Design – I Need Your Help

designI just awarded the set of ebooks and began scanning the comments from the contest to see what questions I could answer this morning. I was really startled to see how many folks asked, one way or another, how can I get started in freelance writing?

I was startled because I’ve got a great big category called Getting Started & Getting It Done. There is some darn good advice there, for folks new to the writing game and even for those with a experience.

As I looked as the site I realized somewhere along the line the dropdown menu of categories had gotten lost. So now it’s there, on the right, just below Search This Site. Take a look, there is truly a ton of information about freelance writing on this site. Most of it based on my own multi-decade career writing with a scattering of posts by other writers.

The problem here, as with many blogs, is the information gets buried. It’s the nature of the beast because the posts come one after the other. Categories are one way to start sorting things out.

I’d like to redo the site and make the info here more accessible.

How you can help

Right now as I look at websites and blogs about writing and other subjects I see a ton of different ways the information is presented… but I’d like to hear from you.

Which sites and/or blogs do you find easiest to navigate? Which sites do the best job of helping you sort through a ton of info to get to what you want?

How did you find this site?

What, if anything brings you back?

Any and all info along these lines will be much appreciated.


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  • Hello Anne,
    I think that you have done a wonderful job listing and categorizing the content on your web site. I would only recommend one item – perhaps a video. Your web site reads like a book! Maybe turn a book into a video.
    David A. Boyington

    • Really! David, you and I must think a lot alike and I’m delighted you find my site easy to use. There are some videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/annewayman and the bookwriting class I’m offering – over there on the right – is all videos plus text.

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