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The About Freelance Writing Ebook Giveaway Sweepstakes For Freelance Writers

60 writing tipsBecause it’s Thursday I’ve decided to create a sweepstakes or contest for freelance writers – well, for the readers of this blog anyway; I have no way to tell if you’re really a freelance writer so just being here is enough of a qualification to enter the drawing.

Okay, not just because it’s Thursday, although that seems like a pretty good reason to have some fun.

I also want to generate some traffic, maybe pick up some new subscribers to the free newsletter (you get a free ebook when you subscribe) and generally see what happens.

Oh yes, I have another motive – I’ll soon be offering the 21 lesson video class called, Get Your Book Written With Vision and Spirit (another reason to subscribe to the newsletter so you get notification about the class) and I’m doing some seed planting.

All good reasons for running a sweepstakes I think, although because it’s Thursday may be my favorite.

The sweepstakes prize

I get a lot of questions and mutterings about how to actually get some writing done. So I wrote an ebook for freelance writers who want some suggestions – turned out I had 60 tips that pointed to ways to get writing done. Hence the title, 60 Tips For Getting The Writing Done. You can get details about this book here – heck you can even buy the book there if you want.

I sell this book for mere $9.95, but when I think about what’s actually in it for writers, it seems to me that if it gets you writing regularly, it’s pretty darn close to priceless.

For fun I’ll throw in two other ebooks I’ve written about writing, but I’m keeping those titles a secret for now. Suffice it to say that the total price of the 3 ebooks adds up to $25.85 in US dollars.

The winner will be notified by me  via email and will be given instructions on how to download all three books. So make sure you leave a valid email when you enter.

Enough! How do I enter this contest?

Entering this contest is simple enough. Just make a (polite – I reserve the right to delete any comment that isn’t in good taste which will remove the commenter from the contest and make them ineligible to win.) comment about freelance writing or ask a question about freelance writing in the comment section of this blog post below. Yes, if the comment or question isn’t related to freelance writing that comment becomes ineligible too and I’ll remove it.

One entry per person please.

How long to I have to enter?

You have until Monday, November 18th at 8 a.m. Pacific Time to enter and qualify for the contest. Btw, there’s no cost to enter. You’ll need to be sure the comment has a valid email address so I can notify the winner.

How will you choose the winner?

The winner will be chosen randomly. I’ll go to Research Randomizerenter the number of legitimate comments and ask it to pick one. I’ll notify the winner by email and if it’s okay with them, announce their name here. If they want to remain anonymous, that’s okay, I’ll just announce that someone won.

BTW, I won’t be responding to these comments – I’d only confuse myself trying to figure out the count, but don’t be surprised if some of your questions show up here with answers as posts.

I think that’s it, but if something isn’t clear either email me or ask that question in comments (yes, that kind of question will count too.)


And it would be great if you shared this post with your network… thanks!

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  • Robin Ritter

    How do you get started and how do you know which sources are reputable?

  • Robin Ritter

    What is the best way to get started in freelance writing and what sources are reputable? Thank you

  • Mitch

    I need this to get started!!

  • Matt Carroll

    When freelance writing, what happens if an article your write appears somewhere on the web without your permission?

  • James tolson

    i always wanted to write but not a good typer

  • Katie

    Yay! To new new resources!

  • barbara kabrt

    64 years old, ready to start my writing career.

  • Janna Elizabeth

    Always on the hunt for tips from those who have ‘been there and done that’. Plethora of ideas that are waiting to be born but they appear to be stuck in the void of ‘what now’.

  • Ron

    Thank you for the chance to win this ebook.

  • Lisa

    Would love to win this for my husband! Just what he needs.

  • I’ve always enjoyed writing but often wondered how to get started writing for pay…any good starting steps/pointers?

  • Brandy

    I’ve been a song writer most of my life, but over the past year, I have questioned whether or not to begin a novel. The problem I have is in the event the novel were to be published, it would deeply hurt my mother, father and siblings. It would be very therapeutic for me though. Any thoughts?

  • Andy Wade

    I have been interested in this for a while. Just need a little help getting going. Thanks for this chance.

  • Rhiana McCarty

    I could always use the help so this book is perfect for me!!

  • jane keel

    Freelance writing has always been on my “bucket list” for when I get time… I think its time!

  • I’d love to be able to improve my writing skills! I hope I can win this!

  • Donna Hicks

    It is a pleasure to have this opportunity. I have been a freelance writer for some time now and truly enjoy it. I have won several writing contests/competitions and am widely published, mostly on freelance sites.
    I have noticed there are not many reputable sites, especially new ones, that are profitable for writers. So many once-popular freelance writing sites seem to have recently fallen by the wayside.
    Are you seeing a drop in reputable sites to write for lately? Do you have any suggestions on where established freelance writers can go for that big giant step forward?

  • Vic Uhler

    cool contest

  • diane sattler

    I have been free lance writing since this spring, and I am glad that I found your blog and book.

  • Melissa

    What is step 1 in starting with freelance writing? I just don’t even know where to begin.

  • Donna Dooley-Oakley

    I’m trying to write my first novel as part of a series but I’m having a hard time finding the time to sit and create. I’ve got my story arc, characters, plot but need to put it all together. I need a good tip on how to get the time to get this done! Help!!

  • John Fry

    The thing that amazes me is that I can create a sentence that has never been written in mankind’s history. All Day.

  • I’ve been freelancing for 15 years and I credit Anne with helping me get started. Over the years, the advice from Anne and other freelancers here has helped me figure out how to get started, how to keep going, and how much to charge. I moved away from freelance for awhile but now that I have a specialty, educational technology, I’m back and more excited than ever. Thanks for all your great tips.

  • Andrea Phillips

    Hi Anne,

    I just recently read your post about Query or Spec, and I want to know, when you sent the spec, is there a proper way to do it; like the proper way you showed us to write a query. Your posts are invaluable! ( I know winners are randomly picked, so you can trust i am being sincere/smile) Thanks!

  • Karla Madison

    Is it really possible to make a living at free lance writing? I am excited to learn more!

  • jorgekafkazar

    Freelance writer? I feel free as a bird. I’d write more here, but I have to go flap my wings, now.

  • Jennifer Groszek

    What are some of the best resources if someone is interested in starting freelance writing?

  • I have been doing publicity work for animal-related authors and speakers. In the past year or so, I have been doing more paid freelancing and definitely want to continue with it. I have enjoyed your newsletter for many years and now I know why – there’s been a freelancer in me trying to get out! Hope you get lots of attention through this contest! Warm wishes, Carol

  • I’d love to hear if you work successfully with a writing partner. I’ve found a great one, we meet weekly and inform each other’s work, comment, suggest, bemoan, sympathize. It’s been a blessing to find her! Do you have someone like that?
    Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan recently posted..Tips for Attending a Writing Conference for the First TimeMy Profile

  • Sue Chehrenegar

    Two weeks ago, I submitted a manuscript for book that would be part of an imprint. Now I have an idea for another possible book for the same imprint. Does it makde sense to submit two suggestions so close together?

  • I am having trouble taking the time from my study of this course, and that blog, and that report, to actually write and gather my samples together.
    I LOVE to study but how do I get off the train at the Action Now depot and actually do the writing?

  • Robin

    I recently had a baby and I’m trying to do a little bit more magazine writing. I have done some in the past and I have a few credits, but it always seems to take soooo long. It would be really nice to show my husband a check that we don’t have to wait a year to receive. Is there a trick to querying magazines that pay on acceptance? With the few credits I have, would simply submitting a full be a better way to go?

  • Great contest! My question is where I can find reliable sources of information for writing projects outside the mainstream? Not sources, but where do I look?
    Gina Badalaty recently posted..Sometimes You’re WrongMy Profile

  • Anne,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with other free-lancers.


  • Lisa Wade

    I would love to win this!

  • Hi Anne,
    Your blog has a lot of great key information helpful to writers. Hope to read your book also! Keep up the great work!


  • Robert Perkins, Jr.

    I’ve been trying to get motivated to start writing and this book sounds like it is exactly what I need to finally get motivated and the tips to possibly make a new career path.

  • Connie LaBarr

    I wish your book were in our local library.

  • Tweeted about it, I’ll post on fb too.
    Helene Poulakou recently posted..Submit for ReviewMy Profile

  • Nancy

    I am very interested in your book. I could use some help and motivation for my writing projects. Your blog is great but the book would help even more! Please enter me into your contest. Thank you very much! Nancy

  • Tanya

    I would love to win your book. I’ve never won anything and this is just what I need. I’m beginning a freelance writing career after years of putting my career on hold to raise my son. Sometimes the fear gets to me, but I’m pressing on. How does one get the writing done when all the little things at home and chores seem to call? Or in the case of moms, everyone elses needs seem to come first?

  • Shannon

    Have lots of stories started and a very few finished. Hard to actually sit down and do it. And knowing what to do with the finished product is difficult also.

  • Wanda Carnes

    Would love to win the for my daughter who has won amateur writing awards since grammar school. She is working on a book now and hopes to be published at some point.

  • Bee Pierce

    My husband tinkers around with writing
    Sounds interesting. Thanks

  • deborah

    I’ve got a manuscript ready for a nonfiction book. Would it make sense to try to submit chapters of it as a freelance writer to magazines, or would that hurt the chances of finding a publisher for the book itself?

  • Ryan B

    Freelance writing is an expression of freedom and independent thinking.


    How to hammer out bizarre travel experiences into a piece that readers will want to read from start to finish, is my question. Anecdotes such as sputtering about women’s lib to the only mechanic (chauvinistic) within 500 kilometers in the Sahel to being caught in a herd of elephants in an open Land-rover in Zimbabwe are just samples of our life experiences for 35 years.

  • Freelance writing is awesome

  • Vickie Gallo

    I would love to win this. I have an undergraduate degree in English. Somehow this frustrated writer became an accountant.

  • Elizabeth Baur

    I would love to win 60 tips because I have always wanted to write but I just never knew how to start. There are lots of ideas I have toyed with but I need to learn to get it onto paper.

  • Mary Ann Powell

    My interest in free lance writing goes back to my childhood and that was a long time ago.

  • Andrea

    I would love to read your book.

  • Beryl

    Didn;t know about yur blog…until now. Years ago I tried free lance writing shrt story fiction. This has me interested again

  • Tom


  • I got started freelancing movie reviews by doing them non paid for Mann theaters there was an offer in the theater. then I had samples to show to a newspaper .

  • Alan S. Gardner

    Where’s the best tutorial on the grammar of dialogue? There are plenty of sources for content, but few on the skillful use of grammar. Thank-you.

  • How can a freelance writer get her foot in the door when it comes to working for magazines? Should I submit a full article or opinion piece?

  • Mary Isbell

    Writing is fun and looks easy; however, it takes a special drive and talent to write something that will hold the interest of a reader.

  • Don Gabriel

    I have always enjoyed free lance writing throughout school.

  • Unfamilar with e-books so no comment

  • M. Jackson

    Have there been many well known or successful writers who have gotten their start through self-publishing?

  • I have written several articles that were published (for free), but now I want to complete some stories that I would like to get published and paid for.

  • Sarah Burrill

    I’m a 51 year old mom to 3 with an expired English degree from the ’80’s and a need to write that is currently being expressed only on Facebook. I need this book!

  • Ricky

    I’ve written two rough drafts of novels. They’re done. The re-writing is my problem. I have a problem with the character development, the back story ect… that is supposed to be filled out in the re-writes. To me the story is done. It isn’t, but it is.

  • Elizabeth

    Where do you begin to find places who are willing to pay commissions for your submitted work?

  • Karrie

    My 16yr old daughter wants to be a freelance writer after college. What advice would you give her?

  • tonya lyons

    I’ve always enjoyed free lance writing in school.

  • Anne, how do you know that you have what it takes to be a writer? I have started, stopped, started and stopped many, many times with nothing accomplished. I have the idea in my head and cannot get it onto the paper. Do you think I am just afraid of not succeeding?
    We shall see……….ty!
    A. Evans recently posted..The About Freelance Writing Ebook Giveaway Sweepstakes For Freelance WritersMy Profile

  • I am very interested in freelance writing especially children’s books, hopefully this will give me the know how and boost that I need to make the first step.

  • gary

    Freelance writing forever!

  • Michael G

    Do freelancers also self-publish? Or do they generally depend on assignments or submissions to established outlets?

  • Vicki Bolander

    I am very new to this but I really feel I have a book inside of me about my family.

  • thanks

  • thank you

  • Scott

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks to your great site, I have a growing understanding of how to sell my freelance writing. Do you have any suggestions on how to add photography to the mix? I assume that photos accompanying articles would add saleability?

    Thank you very much.

  • Best day of my freelance career was the day I landed here -in so many ways 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Can You Have Too Many Answers?My Profile

  • Freelance writing is not always an easy job, but I love writing and I love being able to write about many different topics.

    Your blog has been a big help to me, thanks for all the advice.
    Jodie recently posted..Why I WriteMy Profile

  • Roben

    I know that to really embrace my life as a freelance writer, I should have a website. What platform do you recommend and what elements (lets say maybe 3 elements to keep it within answerable length) to a freelance writers website do you think are essential?

  • Hi Anne –

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and words of wisdom. Best of luck with your contest!
    Jennifer recently posted..Four Ways to Prepare for a Media InterviewMy Profile

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