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You And Your Freelance Writing Client Are Peers

Do you know that you and the folks who hire to you do freelance writing for them are peers?

The word, peer has several meanings, but the one I’m using is a person who is: a person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications… (found at Dictionary.com)

clients and writers are equalOkay, maybe you don’t know how to run the XYZ Widget Company, or maybe you don’t  know how to be a multi-million dollar public speaker, and probably you don’t know how to be a top ranked and paid designer, but these people and many more don’t know how to write like you do or they wouldn’t be hiring you in the first place.

Equal doesn’t mean identical, but it does mean having the same intrinsic value. You are no better than your clients, nor are any of your clients better than you. One of you may make more money than the other, but that doesn’t say anything about the value of either as a human being.

Just because they pay you…

Why am I bringing this up? Because recently a coaching client of mine hesitated to call back a potential client and I realized it was because he wasn’t sure he was worth it, or worth the same as the client. I remembered how often I used to fall into that same trap.

As soon as someone was in a position to pay me or even give me money, I went sort of crazy. All my doubts and fears showed up and I would bend over backwards to please them. I would reduce my fees just to get a contract – even without asking for what I thought I was worth. Which not so by the way was way less than I charge now. I also was hesitant to try and collect the money that was owed me – it was if I felt I didn’t deserve it. If I made a mistake I would grovel.

I had the notion that somehow I was less than, or less worthy or… you name it than the person who was going to pay me. Obviously I had some self-worth issues and some issues around money.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way

You don’t have to slowly learn to value yourself and to charge enough for your writing the way I did – you can do it much more rapidly.

If you find yourself afraid when it comes to money start working on both your self-worth and the way you think about money in your life.

You could do worse by really understanding that you and your writing clients truly are peers.

What’s your take on the idea that you and your writing clients are peers?


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  • Self-confidence comes with experience.

    I find that most new freelance writers feel intimidated by the fact that there is so much supply (of content), so they tend to minimize the value of what they have to offer.

    Then, they work a few years, and realize that *quality* content, professional attitude, and successful marketing is hard work — and that they should be remunerated accordingly.

    I’ve been there. It really *does* suck!
    Helene Poulakou recently posted..Know Thyself: Foundations of Successful NichingMy Profile

  • Excellent post, Anne. Peers all have something of value to share. Our writing skills is the value we have to offer. In today’s content-filled world, that’s a pretty important skill. 😉
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Can You Have Too Many Answers?My Profile

    • Thanks, Cathy… love the title of your post… and enjoyed reading it too.

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