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10 Freelance Writing FAQs – 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Freelance Writing

writing faqsI was startled when I realized I had close to 200 posts that fall into the Ask Anne about freelance writing categoryHere are links to ten questions that come up over and over again:

  1. 6 Ways To Be Sure You Get Paid

  2. How Should I Approach Potential Clients?

  3. How Do I Get An Advance On A Book?

  4. How Do I Find A Publisher?

  5. Should I Query or Submit on Spec to Magazines?

  6. What Is A Genre?

  7. How Long Should An Ebook Be?

  8. Writing On Spec – Should You?

  9. When Should I Invoice For Writing?

  10. To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Have you got a question about freelance writing? Send me an email with Q&A in the subject line and I’ll probably get it answered here. Or ask it in comments.


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