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Want A Niche For Your Freelance Writing?

find a writing niceMany writers find that working within a niche or two not only makes life easier, but can mean extra income as well. The trick, of course, is picking the right niche.

The easiest way to define a niche is to call it a specialty – some area of writing that through life or writing or both, you’ve become an expert in.

Many people, like me, stumble into niches – I write both about writing and drug and alcohol recovery. My expertise is based on experience. I also ghostwrite books for folks which can be in almost any niche.

But some writers agonize over deciding the niche they want.

John Soares of Productive Writers has made finding your niche easier with his course, Find Your Freelance Writing Niches, subtitled Find Your Freelance Writing Niches: Make More Money for Less Work.

In fact, if you just want to check up on yourself and any niche, this course will help. Or if you’re thinking about changing writing specialties, you could do worse than invest 20 bucks in this course. Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee – how can you lose?

John may be the best organized person I know, and that talent shows up in his teachings.

The course consists of three parts – Why you should specialize, How to choose a niche and What to do once you have one. What more could you, or anyone want when it comes to advice on picking a niche or two?

I love the way John is totally upfront. When asked, this writer said “The most I’ve grossed in one year: $97,000.” Pretty good person to model, wouldn’t you agree?

His background also lends credence to his expertise when it comes to specialization. He’s both an outdoor writer – loves to hike and camp, and he writes college text books.

While it’s not obvious how those two goes together, you’ll get a sense of it from John’s lessons.

When Cathy Miller reviewed this course she said “John’s course is the GPS for discovering your freelance writing niche.”  That’s one of those sentences I wished I’d thought of. She’s right. John keeps it simple and direct. He distills his experience in a way that makes it easy for you to follow and, following his instructions, make a decision or two that will stand you in good stead.

If you want information on how to pick a writing niche, I highly recommend John’s course.

John answers all sorts of questions about the course – take a look and see if those don’t convince you this is a great tool for finding your perfect niche.

Btw, although many of the offerings on these pages are affiliate offerings, meaning I get a small commission, this one is not.

What do you say? Do you have a niche? How did you find it? What do you think about a course like this? Let us know in comments.


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  • Thanks so much for reviewing my course Anne. I really enjoyed creating it and I think it will really help freelance writers to be more successful.
    John Soares recently posted..My Nightmare Freelance Writing ClientMy Profile

  • Heavenly days, this is what has been stopping me for years. Yes, years. How dumb is that? I keep going from one course, and one blog to another, trying to figure it out. Now that’s I’ve written this I realize how silly I’ve been. No more. I will read Cathy Miller’s post, check out this course, and choose my niche by the end of the week. That’s it. No more stalling. Thanks Anne!

    • Barb, go buy the course, read it through and then read Cathy’s post… she loves it too… hugs

  • My niche is baseball. I found it by thinking about what is the one thing I would like to write about. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was baseball.

    • go for it, or if you have already, tell us about it Kevin.

  • Borrow it any time, Anne. 😉
    Cathy Miller recently posted..For Freelance Writers in Search of a NicheMy Profile

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