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How Seth Godin Writes

seth godin 2Seth Godin, marketing maven and prolific author, and I guy I admire because he never seems to run out of ideas and he’s always willing to experiment. He’s also quick to let go of ideas that don’t work.

Today he has a post on his blog today called Q&A: The writing process.

It’s one of his typical quick reads that’s pure Seth. For example, he says, “I confess to not having a process.” And he goes on to describe several different processes he’s used for several different books.

He also speaks pure truth when, later on in the essay, he says, “At one level, every author writes for himself.”

And that’s more than enough out of me. Go read his essay – you can comment on it here. If you haven’t subscribed to Seth, I strongly suggest you do so.

He sends many gems.

Your turn now – are you familiar with Seth Godin? Tell us why you like him or don’t and what you thought of his essay on the writing process. Does it sound familiar?


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  • Awesome post, and I like how he pointed out that the process is often inconsistent. I think this is true–as we learn, especially, how we approach a project will change. And what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. In my case, I usually write first and research after, then change things as needed in revision. But when the current work was around one-third done, it demanded a lengthy pause for research before I could continue. Once I got around that particular stumbling block, I NaNoWriMo’ed it and finally finished it. Now I’m back on my regularly-scheduled process. 🙂
    Elizabeth West recently posted..What do you do when you don’t want to do what you’re doing?My Profile

  • I love Seth Godin and his creativity. I actually started working with one of his creations, “Squidoo” awhile ago which in turn. led me to creating my own blogs. And I always have something to share and write about and as Seth points out so we will have more to choose from.

    Being a writer is about writing. Thanks for sharing.
    Sharron Calvin recently posted..The Low Down on HypertensionMy Profile

    • Yes, being a writer is about writing… with a bit of business thrown in… but mostly writing.

  • I thought that post was actually a bit long for Seth. 😉 I admit I am kind of hit and miss with keeping up with his posts, but, when I do, I am rarely disappointed. He often delivers pearls that I envy for their simplicity in thoughtfulness. 🙂
    Cathy Miller recently posted..3 Business Writing Tips for Trimming Excess WordsMy Profile

    • Yeah, I’m always glad when I remember to read him… and yes, that post is probably a bit longer than average for him come to think of it.

  • I believe that most authors/writers write what they know, what they want to read, or to solve a problem. If the public (or clients) happens to resonate with whatever it is they write, then it’s a match made in heaven.

    Every writer has a different writing process. You don’t have to copy anyone. All you have to do is write and commit to writing.


    I was curious about Seth Godin and looked at his earlier posts. They didn’t receive hundreds or thousands of tweets. In fact, some posts received zero tweets. So… if you’re a newbie author/writer, don’t sweat it if your posts aren’t tweeted 500 or more times. Just write!
    Amandah recently posted..7 Lessons on Branding from Paula Deen that Can Save Your Business from a ScandalMy Profile

    • Thanks for pointing that out about Seth’s posts… it’s easy to assume the famous are getting gillions of tweets.

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