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Learning to Ghostwrite Books – A Class I Recommend

ghowtwriterSeveral years ago, Mark Silver, the Sufi Business coach who founded Heart of Business suggested I teach a class on how to ghostwrite books. As I recall I whined something about not really knowing how I get into someone’s head. Mark suggested I figure it out.

I discovered a couple of things – a good deal of what I bring to ghostwriting someone’s book is what might be called deep listening. There’s a quality of attention I slip into when working with someone on their book that I don’t experience in other situations. I can only talk about it hoping others get it.

I also realized I had some superstitious thinking going that ran something like this: If I take apart my ghostwriting process enough to actually teach it I might somehow ruin it so I wouldn’t be able to do it any longer.

Although even then I suspected that was nonsense, I did let the whole idea of teaching others to ghostwrite go.

Enter Claudia SuzanneI’d been vaguely aware of her on several LinkedIn groups, then she contacted me and invited me to be a panelist at the world’s first ever ghostwriting conference.

Of course I said yes – I really am a showoff at times.

Turns out she not only ghostwrites herself, but she’s the founding chair of GhostwritersUnite which had it’s first conference in May – I suspect this will be an annual event.

As it happened she picked me up from the train in Santa Ana and I got to spend some time with her and her family before we headed out for Long Beach.

What a hoot! Everyone was deep in the last gasp organization of the conference and they all stopped long enough to be sure I felt welcome and to introduce me to multiple cats. I felt right at home.

At the conference I learned that this dynamite woman also teaches ghostwriting. I met several of her students and heard more laud her class and credit her with their success – and they were having success.

Claudia has now created the Ghostwriting Certificate Program through Cal State University at Long Beach and it’s online and on Saturdays!

Here’s the course description and here are the dates, price and links to registration.

If you want to get serious about ghostwriting books for folks this is probably the fastest and maybe the best way to get it started. And who knows, you may even get to hear me do a session – we’re talking about it, so no promises yet.

Like Claudia, I figured out this strange business all by myself. It’s been wonderful, awful and everything in between. What I realized at the conference is that I truly valued having a bunch of fellow ghosts in the same room – a rare event.

You no longer have to do it all by yourself. You can learn ghostwriting from an expert and get to know her and your fellow students. I can honestly say I wish I’d had this class back in the day.

BTW, if you sign up, let her know I sent you – maybe she’ll pick me up at the train for next year’s conference.

Your turn – does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Why or why not?


 Image from http://helmicksculpture.com/ghost.html – well worth taking a few minutes to look at his site.

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  • Yes, it was surprisingly good to meet other ghosts.

  • Anne, it’s great when writers in a niche organize to help each other. I especially like the certificate program offered through a reputable university.

    I hope to meet more fellow writers in the coming months and years. I live a bit off the beaten path, so it makes meeting more difficult.
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