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Test Software That Makes Multiple Tweets Easy And Get It Free For A Year

twitterwarrowsA month or so ago Nick Holmes, who works for Ecko, contacted me and offered a free years membership in the twitter retweeting product to anyone who makes a suggestion here to improve Ecko. He wrote this guest piece to introduce the concept.

Next time you publish new content and hit Twitter to shout about it, there’s a statistic I’d like you to remember. It came from a study by Bitly (a URL shortening and bookmarking service), which looked closely at the longevity of what we post to our favourite social networking sites.

Bitly found that the average half-life of a tweet was just 70 minutes – after that point, the clickthrough would continue to fall and eventually the tweet would cease to be clicked altogether.

The problem is that there’s simply so much noise on Twitter that updates drop from the screen within minutes – and if your followers follow more than 500 people, it could be seconds.

That’s why social media experts like Guy Kawasaki recommend sharing new content repeatedly – and it’s why we’re working on Ecko, a tool that makes sharing on twitter multiple times easy.

I found, when scheduling new pieces of content and blog posts, that the most frustrating part of sharing them was having to come up with unique content for each share and setting the times up using Tweetdeck. Ecko take a URL, shortens it, picks up the title and schedules unique shares of it across a time period you choose – so you’ll never miss a timezone again.

We’ve been testing it for a while now, but we’re looking for more feedback and Anne was kind enough to allow me this space to gather some more feedback. So I’d like to ask readers of About Freelance Writing – what could we do to make Ecko fit better with your working patterns?

It could be anything – making buttons bigger, changing the workflow, adding new functionality such as hashtags or even something more fundamental, like adding more intelligence or a cool new feature we haven’t thought of.

As a thanks for your thoughts, I’ve agreed with Anne that we’ll offer our forthcoming premium package to anybody who offers their thoughts, for free, for 12 months. That’s a reward that likely to be worth over $120 – yours, just for checking out eckohq.com and telling us how it could be better in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for helping us make Ecko better for everyone!

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Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Rosaura Ochoa

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  • This is a nice tool. Would have been nice to get a notification when a tweet went out (Yes, I get too many notifications already, but while I’m still building trust in the app…). I’ll echo the hashtag request.

    Two more suggestions:

    A character count in the editor would be nice too. I like to leave room for others to retweet, so try to keep tweets around 100 characters.

    A WordPress plugin, to schedule each post.

    Michael McCallister recently posted..WordCamp Milwaukee 2013 Site is Up!My Profile

  • One of the things I most dread about promoting my site, http://www.EverBeautiful.com, is using social media. I find it so confusing. But with Ecko, it’s easy. I upload the links I want to promote and then I don’t have to think about it again. What a relief! It’s like having my own social media manager on staff. Love it! I can’t wait to see how the program develops. Thanks for the opportunity to try it.

    • Hi Melody

      Thanks for the kind words, and for your shout out on Twitter. We’ll certainly keep you posted on development and appreciate your thoughts!!


    • You’re welcome, Melody.

  • Can I just say that I love the simplicity of this tool – that is way easier than using even Buffer, Hootsuite or Timely – I love it already. I also like how easy it is to edit a tweet you’ve scheduled. One thing that would be better is for the app to schedule new tweets in between old ones. I uploaded my first link to be shared at 3 different times over 48 hours. When I added a second link on the same schedule, it meant that at each scheduled time two tweets would be going out. Oh, and by the way, yes I’d love to have premium access. 🙂
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..Kick-Start Your Freelance Writing Career By Writing For YourselfMy Profile

  • Hi JC

    A huge thanks for your comment – all of those suggestions were really useful, and I’m glad you like the app. I definitely agree a way to automatically find content would be invaluable for content creators.

    To answer some of your questions – yes, I think bulk scheduling will be a sensible way forward, so you can keep sharing your blog/s way into the future. I think, TBH, that it will be a premium feature, but we’re still working it out.

    At the moment, we’re very focused on Twitter, but I see no reason why we couldn’t expand in the future (although I suspect the content strategy would be different for each platform… maybe this is a question for you though?)

    Thanks again for this incredibly helpful feedback 🙂


    • Good to know it’s expanding or will, Nick… doing twitter well to start is great and it may even require different aps for different social media… I don’t know…

  • OMG – I love this! That was surprisingly easy to do; I can’t even schedule a single tweet Hootsuite that fast! It’s awesome to schedule a single link that fast, and to then go back and do it again. It saves a ton of time. But, you asked for suggestions, so here it goes…

    What about integration with sites people pulling links from a lot? For instance, I pasted a link from Examiner. I’d want to do so each time I publish something there; well, from everywhere, really. The ability for ecko to pull the link automatically from where I publish the minute I publish – to connect the accounts some way would make it infinitely easier and save even more time. Maybe a button we can customize for whatever site from where we pull links, or something on ecko that allows us to pull links when we sign in?

    Have you given thought to a bulk scheduler? Now that I know ecko exists, I plan to use it – a lot. Since there’s no real writing, maybe you could add the ability to add multiple links at once, to be sent over the same schedule? Alternatively, the ability to schedule the same links a bit further in the future in the same way would be awesome. Some scheduling options might be allowing a gap in the schedule (i.e. 8 times over one week with two days in between, etc.,) concurrently, or consecutively. This could tie in with the above suggestion as well.

    Do you have any plans to add other posting options such as Facebook or LinkedIn as well (think Hootsuite replacement)?

    Not that I’m complaining or anything. Believe me, I’m not. This is a awesomely easy to use tool, and it works real well so far. I can’t wait to see the features planned for the premium version (I signed up for info). OK, I’ve taken up enough real estate here; great job with ecko, and a big thank you to Anne for allowing them to use your precious blog space!

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